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    Update Bios

    I am trying to update the bios on ASUS M5A78L-M Motherboard.

    Apparently the EZ Flash program will not run under Win8.1 64bit!

    It is asking me to boot in to FreeDos. It is supposed to be on the support disc, it isn't.

    Any help? I would appreciate it.


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    Have you tried running the program in a compatibility mode? for Win 7 or Vista?
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    How di I run the compatibility mode for Win7?

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    To run a program in compatibility mode. Just right click on the program->Compatibility and set it to run in Win7/WinXP mode. However, I would not do it since flashing your BIOS with a program running in compatibility mode can be unstable and if anything goes wrong, you can brick your MB.

    You should be able to download the neccessary tools and BIOS firmware from the MB Manufacturer and run from MS DOS mode to flash the BIOS.
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    Thanx, I agree, no brick for me, been there done that!!

    I use the DOS prompt once in awhile, have it as a tile in Win 8.1.

    I will try your fix & let you know if it works!

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    Updating BIOS has always frightened me. I am scared even to look at it. Anyways, how would I even know if y BIOS has an available update? Surely there is auto install software out there, somewhere?
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    A BIOS update is one of those "if it ain't broke don't fix it" items. On some PC's a failed and corrupted BIOS and the motherboard is toast and must be replaced - no recovery option. Unless the BIOS fixes a problem you are having or adds support for hardware that you want to install, there is no need to update the BIOS.
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    precisely why I am so scared to touch it, and dont!!!

    A long while back I did see a bios update for a pc I owned and it included a downloadable flash installer - that worked perfectly, but it still scared me.
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    Some, but not all, have procedures that can update the BIOS directly from the BIOS. Others have a utility program to check and allow updating from within Windows. Others require the BIOS to be downloaded and run like any other program.

    With a current technology UEFI BIOS it may have the built in BIOS update feature.

    According to the ASUS site, this has an option to update the BIOS via a USB flash drive. And it has "crash free BIOS" that allows restoring from a BIOS file on a USB or CD. Thus should not be too dangerous.

    There is a recent date BIOS and BIOS updater program download, listed for Windows 8.1 64 bit. Have you tried this?
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    ! Cannot execute "C:\Users\mike\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$EXa0.886\Bupdater_V130\BUPDATER.EXE"

    I just tried to run the Bupdater Utility V1.30 for flash BIOS under DOS. And got the above message. Presume this will not run within windows then? Still checking your excellent link - many many thanks.

    at a guess, this looks like the one I should use, if I want to be daring?

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Update Bios
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