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Upgrade from 2TB to 4TB, or time to go RAID?

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    Jimbo, the only thing I dont like about mirroring is that if ever I make changes to a file and accidentally save it, it will automatically save that new version in both places yes? That means if later I want to go back to an earlier version I wont be able to. Thats why I prefer MANUALLY mirroring my drives every week.

    Just so I understand... if I combine my 4TB and my 2TB in a storage space that is set to mirror, does that mean it will chop it up equally in 3TB for storage and 3TB for backup? Also, what if the performance on the drives differ? How will I know that its using my fastest one say for music/audio recording if they are just pooled together?

    Finally, Jimbo you mentioned you use an external drive for taking projects with you. Do you just load on it whatever you need or is it a full backup of your internal projects drive?

    Lastly, Jimbo, what mode are you using in your storage space setup?

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    Mirroring as in RAID 1 is a good thing, just as long as you understand what it is for, and what it is not. It's purpose is to maintain access to your data in the event that one drive fails. Drive replacement can then be deferred to a more convenient time. On a busy server this is a good thing but on a workstation the cost is often hard to justify. You need 2 drives for the storage space of 1.

    But RAID 1 mirroring is not a backup solution, it is not meant to protect your data. If a file is accidentally or maliciously deleted it is gone from both drives. That is in the nature of RAID 1.

    No form of RAID ever devised is a replacement for maintaining backups.

    I will leave the other questions to others.
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Upgrade from 2TB to 4TB, or time to go RAID?
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