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Have to re-calibrate touch screen after every restart

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    Have to re-calibrate touch screen after every restart

    Heya, I don't know if anyone else was having this issue: I've been having to re-calibrate my touch screen after every restart. After restart it always goes back to showing the touch curser about 1/4 inch above where I'm actually tapping. When I calibrate, I have to touch about a 1/4 inch above the crosshairs to get the touch screen to register my touches where they're actually occurring.

    I'm guessing this is a driver problem?

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    I just figured this one out. It wasn't an issue with the driver.

    I tested out the refresh feature in Win8CP last week and one of the effects it had was to wipe the touchscreen calibration data. This alerted me to the fact that there are two different calibration tools built into the Windows "Tablet PC Settings".

    On a clean install or refresh of Win8CP, using the calibration tool for the first time will bring up a more detailed calibrator -- it has 16 crosshairs, four in each corner, that you have to touch to calibrate the screen.

    After the first calibration, any repeated attempt at calibrating the screen brings up a screen calibrator with only four crosshairs -- one in each corner.

    After each restart, the computer defaults back to the first advanced calibration.

    To bring up the 16 point calibrator instead of the 4 point calibrator without reinstalling or refreshing, you need to first select the "Reset" option in "Tablet PC Settings" then launch the calibrator.
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    stil I have problem with Acer touch sceen T231 H i can`t use the edges particular when I close an apps from the top of the sceen !! are there any ho have a solution to this problem !!
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Have to re-calibrate touch screen after every restart
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