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2 IDE drives not recognized, 2 SATA drives recognized

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    2 IDE drives not recognized, 2 SATA drives recognized

    I have an older Dell machine that I plan to use as a backup server for my family. It has 2 SATA HDDs, 1 IDE DVD drive, 1 IDE HDD

    The SATA drives are recognized in BIOS. The IDE-DVD and IDE-HDD are not. Interestingly, when looking at the folder structure in Windows Explorer, all the devices appear. When looking at "Device Manager", all the devices appear. Everything actually functions when windows boots up. Trouble is, when powering on, the boot -screen tells me the Disk-3 and Disk-4 are missing. Then waits for me to press F1 to continue, or F2 to enter BIOS. If if press F1, windows fires up, and all works.
    Trouble is, I want to schedule this to wake up on its own, run back ups, then shut off. I am learning how to do that, that is not the problem. Problem would be for the auto-turn-on, to be stuck in the BIOS screen waiting for someone to do something. That's a no-go for my intended purpose.

    I have dillignetly gone through the "Master/Slave" configuration of the IDE drives. The IDE-DVD drive is Master, with a jumper, and on the end/black connector of the ribbon cable. The IDE-HDD is Slave (no jumper) and is attached to the middle/grey connector.

    I have gone into Control Panel and eventually get into "Disk Manager". Here I see something that is perhaps the clue but I do not know how to rectify. The following is listed (and/or shown in the graphic panel of Disk Mgr):
    >Disk 0, "Bright Blue", drive-name, Layout=Partition, Type=Basic [this is a 750GB IDE HDD]
    >Disk 1, "Dark Blue", System, Layout=Partition, Type=Basic [this is a 80GB SATA HDD where I have Windows loaded]
    >Disk 2, "Olive-Green", drive-name, Layout=Simple, Type=Dynamic [this is a 1TB SATA HDD]
    >CD-ROM 0 [this is the DVD-RW device]
    I have used drive-name instead of the actual name of the drives (not pertinent to the problem).

    Another computer I have, that has multiple disks (granted all SATA), has each drive as
    Layout=Simple and Type=Basic.
    Perhaps that is the trouble? If so, how to I make the corrections?
    Thank you

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    You need to go into the Bios. The DVD cannot be Master. It has to be set as a Slave, if connected to the same PATA cable as the IDE, which would be set as Master. You could try the two on Cable Select. But you may run into problems, because of having also the two SATA units.
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    You could try,updating your JMicron controller (if there is an update) at Dell's site,disable halt on errors(press F1 to continue prompt) and keep trying to get IDE drives working.
    The DVD-master and HDD-SLAVE configuration can and should work flawless,done it numerous times with SATA drives present.the solution is in the BIOS,plug one IDE device each time,till you get it.
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    >Well, tried reconfiguring the "dynamic" disk to "basic", no help.

    >Each IDE drive (DVD or HDD), configured as "master", worked in the system when the other was removed.

    >Tried the IDE-HDD as "master" and the IDE-DVD as "slave", THAT WORKED!!

    Thanks to broe23, appreciate the help!
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2 IDE drives not recognized, 2 SATA drives recognized
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