I have Windows 8 32-bit Professional running on Motion Computing C5 CFt-001 with a built in bluetooth card/Wifi combo (i guess).

I need to install broadcom or toshiba stack on it to enable bluetooth pairing with my headphones and portable speaker, which right now does not get detected in pairing mode.

I have tried uninstalling the devices from the device manager (Enumerator and Radio) and then renaming the BTF.INF and BTH.PNF files for the windows to let me install drivers and stack of my choice. However whenever I rescan the hardware (after removal of standard builtin drivers) , the old BTH (inf/pnf) files get restored automatically and are selected for the bluetooth installation. Dont know how to circumvent this auto installation.

Can anyone please guide me how to do the needful and also post the download link for the reliable third party bluetooth stack working in Windows 8./8.1

Thanks for your support.