In 2013 I purchased a brand new Windows 8 Toshiba Satellite laptop and for over 6 months I was not having any issues with it. I moved up to Alaska and in late February or early March of this year an update started causing problems. I play online games, Lord of the Rings Online in particular, and in-game my camera ends up spinning or I get clicked out of the chat line box while trying to say something. Also, having problems outside the game. Recently I found out that the problem is most definitely with Windows 8.1 because my boyfriends' grandmother's computer is doing the exact same thing on her desktop with Windows 8.1 (external mouse plugged in). I am very much in need of some advice of when that update was released so that I can isolate/delete it myself or get affordable help in getting it fixed so that I no longer have problems.

Although the issues in game are extremely annoying, the big problem is because it messes me up when I am doing documents, I am a student online so being able to get my assignments completed on time without serious errors is very important for me to pass my classes.

Any help will be very much appreciated.