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USB device not recognized

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    USB device not recognized

    Hi All,

    I have come here searching for the solution to the exact same problem. "USB device not recognized".

    I have recently purchased an ASUS G750 laptop. For the first 5 days it worked fine. I had my phone linked with bluetooth and running a USB mouse and headset.

    Woke up one morning... stagger over to my laptop to check email etc and BAM no mouse or working headset.

    I have tried all three of my headsets with it and 3 mice and none work, however they all work on my wife's laptop. It is also stange how no USB thumb drives works... Initially I thought it was a hardware fault, but when I plug in my portable HDDs they all work fine.

    I ended up reformatting the system back to factory defaults, but the problem still persists.

    If I look it up under Device Manager the faults listed there show as:

    Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)

    Two days after all this occurred I had to go to work (work offshore) and decided to take my laptop with me (better than nothing right) with the idea that I could buy a bluetooth mouse and headset at the airport on the way to work to cover me until I got back and sort out a qualified tech. This was purchased, only to find once arriving at work that my bluetooth can no longer be found (assumed not working) and when i try to launch my camera it ask me to install one.

    I don't know if all these issues can all be in some way related to the original USB issue or if there is just a general driver glitch, but I would like some help if possible in this.. any insight might help... any solution would be awesome.
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USB device not recognized
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