I've got a Surface Pro 2 running Win 8.1, connected to an HP w2338h external monitor with a displayport to hdmi adapter. I'm using the tablet display as my "main" display with the taskbar, but I mostly work on the HP monitor, so I have most windows on it.

In power settings, I have the display set to turn off after 3 minutes when plugged in to power (2 minutes when on battery). Anytime the display turns off, when I start using the computer again and the monitors turn back on, all the windows are moved over to the tablet display. It's incredibly annoying and I'd love to know how to fix it.

I also have it set to sleep "never", hibernate "never", and I have the "blank" screen saver set to turn on after 6 minutes.

I'll try to figure out if the problem only happens after the screen saver comes on (so 6 minutes of inactivity), or if it's anytime the screen turns off (3 minutes). The only reason I even use the screen saver is because it provides the option of locking the computer and prompting for a password when the screen saver is resumed.