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Stuttering/Latencies when LAN/Ethernet Driver active

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    Windows 8.1

    Stuttering/Latencies when LAN/Ethernet Driver active

    I experience heavy video/audio stuttering when playing a video or general latencies when downloading a file when connected via LAN/Ethernet NOT when connected via WLAN/Wifi. According to my observations the stuttering only happens when the LAN network driver is somehow busy, which means preloading the video or downloading a file. As soon as the video is chached/loaded or the file is downloaded, the stuttering disappears. So in my opinion it is definetly a driver problem.

    I recently updated the LAN driver due to suddenly occuring BSOD. The update fixed the BSODs but now the stuttering appeared. I already tried to switch to other versions of the driver or even use just the Windows driver, but the problem doesn't disappear.

    With updating the LAN driver I also updated all the other drivers (BIOS, Soundcard, PCI, Chipset, etc.) because my system was a little outdated. Everything works fine and in games (like Borderlands) everything works like a charm. Just when the LAN driver is busy the CPU has a 90%-100% load. The process causing the CPU load is in these cases not Chrome, it's the System process according to the task manager. Another hint that the driver should be responsible.

    The Graphic card is up to date and running on the latest beta driver from AMD (tried the normal driver too, no difference).

    LatencyMon showed me that ndis.sys is causing excessive latency.

    Malware Scans are negative with Malwarebytes and ADWCleaner.


    So as a summary:

    The problems started when I updated my drivers! But I can't go back to the state before cause I don't have a backup and the restore points already got overwritten by current ones.

    What I updated:
    Practically almost everything that was outdated - used SlimDrivers.. maybe wasn't the best choice..
    I remember:
    - Chipset driver (not 100% sure but a lot of Intel drivers)
    - SATA AHCI Controller
    - Various system drivers like:
    --- Intel(R) 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset Family PCI...
    --- Intel(R) 5 Series/3400 Series-Chipsatzfamilie - Thermosubsystem
    --- and a few others
    - Audio Realtek driver
    - PCI-E-Gigabit-Ethernet-Controller Qualcomm Atheros AR8151(NDIS 6.30)
    - Broadcom 802.11n-Netzwerkadapter

    What I tried so far:
    - Try to go back by restore points --> didn't work
    - Deinstall virus scanner --> didn't work
    - removed all apps from startup --> didn't work
    - tried to identify the causing process with process explorer --> the process causing the cpu load was either system or chrome, but chrome not to much (30-40%) so I guess its driver related..
    - tried to switch back to the old drivers by installing the vendor drivers from acer --> didn't work (maybe there are some drivers missing that I updated via SlimDrivers)

    What I found out so far:
    - The latency and lags don't appear with Wifi/WLAN --> Just when connected via LAN/Ethernet
    - The latency and lags appeared after the driver updates --> So nothing to do with malware
    - The latency and lags are caused when streaming videos (only in the time when it's loading/downloading) and when downloading bigger files and probably also when loading a website, but not that strong --> So to sum up: Always when the LAN/Ethernet is busy


    My LAN card:
    PCI-E-Gigabit-Ethernet-Controller Qualcomm Atheros AR8151(NDIS 6.30)
    Current driver: from Microsoft
    Tried from Atheros too.

    My System:
    Acer Aspire 7745G
    Windows 8.1 64x
    Intel Core i5
    Mobility Radeon HD 5850
    4 GB Ram
    SanDisk 128GB SSD

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    What router mfg & model are you using? Also are you experiencing this problem streaming to another device, or just on the computer? If just on the computer, what websites and programs are you using? What resolution are you trying to stream at?
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    Windows 8.1

    Router is o2 Box 6431.. But with the same router and same laptop I didn't have problems before. They just appeared after messing up the drivers.
    And it happens for example on youtube videos.. When I watch them in fullscreen it stutters.

    But all of this didn't happen before the driver updates!!!
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    Can you download Shaper Probe from ShaperProbe and post the results after you run it. It has to be ran in a Command window as administrator. Most likely it is going to be an ISP issue, not Windows.
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    Windows 8.1

    As far as I understand the tool it checks if the ISP doesn't value every traffic the same which therefore can lead to bad speed with certain traffic, right?

    But this is not the problem. My internet speed is fine. The problem is that windows is somehow freezing/stuttering which is best perceived when watching a video and it causes the audio to stutter and distort.

    Anyway, the logfile of ShaperProbe:
    DiffProbe release. January 2012. Build 1008.Shaper Detection Module.
    Connected to server
    Estimating capacity:
    Upstream: 9401 Kbps.
    Downstream: 42883 Kbps.
    The measurement will take upto 2.5 minutes. Please wait.
    Checking for traffic shapers:
    Upstream: No shaper detected.
    Median received rate: 9221 Kbps.
    Downstream: No shaper detected.
    Median received rate: 42037 Kbps.
    For more information, visit:
    Thanks for your help so far anyway! I really appreciate it!
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    At least you have decent speeds. That was what I was looking for. I know that there are still some people having problems with Youtube. Not as many as there were last year, since google stopped muddling with throttling certain ISP's users connecting to their sites.

    I only use google Chrome & never have problems with watching videos at say 480p. Anything higher, I get the stopping of the video. This is whether I am on my laptop running Xubuntu 14.04, iPhone or Nexus 7 tablet. Even when I had Comcast before I switched back to ATT, I would get the same results.

    What does a traceroute show, if you open up a command window and enter the following: traceroute Or use the IP for the closes Youtube server?

    What happens if you change the DNS IP's on your computer to say google's for your country? Some ISP's in Europe and other countries have been known to throttle traffic on their network, even though Shaper Probe comes back not stating that it is being done.
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    Windows 8.1

    Hi broe23.. Thanks again for help, but I guess you missunderstood my problem a little. I don't have problems with the video loading or something. The problem is: when the video is loading (or a file is downloading) it causes havey latencies/lags on my computer which are perceivable by the audio stuttering and distorting or the mouse movement lagging or just the video stopping for milliseconds ALTHOUGH the video is already precached lets say a few minutes.. so its really not a matter of ISP or download speed or something.. it's my computer lagging as hell when Ethernet card is busy.

    Maybe I should record a video to show what I mean :/

    Did a short LatencyMon test while watching a video. Hope that helps..
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    I am still thinking ISP issue. What ISP are you with? Anyone else you know with the same ISP, having the same kind of problems?

    Can you post the Trace Route to to show what is going on between you and their servers.
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    I have full speed and the videos are caching really fast. Thats really not the problem.
    The full system is lagging when I download/cache at full speed. That's the problem.

    But the ISP is really not the problem. Since everything was and still is good regarding speed. And the lags are lags causing the whole system to stutter.. even the mouse movement gets interrupted.

    So when I download for example a huge file at fullspeed than the whole system lags. When I for example drag a window around then, then there are stutters and interruptions in the movement on the screen.
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    A speedtest is not going to show routing information, which I have asked for twice now. Now makes the third time, that I need you to run a Trace Route to Youtube from a Command Window. Without that information. This thread is finished.

    If you are getting stuttering, etc. The Trace Route will show if it is an issue with your ISP, or outside their network.
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Stuttering/Latencies when LAN/Ethernet Driver active
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