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Stuttering/Latencies when LAN/Ethernet Driver active

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    Traceroute will not necessarily say anything interesting.

    It might but we will see if he can be bothered to provide the info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adamf View Post
    Traceroute will not necessarily say anything interesting.

    It might but we will see if he can be bothered to provide the info.
    It will show where the problem lies when connecting to Youtube's servers. Without that info, there is nothing more that can be done.
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    Okay, I guess I'll search for help somewhere else then. I'm thankful for the help that I get and I know you don't have to help, but it's also annoying if you are not reading my posts appropriately.
    I know that it's not related to internet problems since I don't have a problem with youtube or it's videos loading/buffering and my overall internet connection is awesome too. I can't emphasize this often enough. Furthermore everything was fine before the driver change so do you wan to say that changing the driver changed my overall traceroute to youtube and my ISP distribution?

    To sum up: There is no loading issue with youtube so a trace route doesn't make sense. The lags also appear when I download a huge file with fullspeed. And with lags I don't mean lags reagrading the internet connection, but lags regarding my system. So Windows is collapsing when my Ethernet is really busy and loading something at full speed (youtube, file download etc.)

    Thanks anyway for your help. Didn't mean to get anyone upset. I just wanted to report my problem and ask for help.
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    Driver Verifier was enabled and caused the lags.
    Typing in verifier.exe and "Delete existing settings" fixed it.
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Stuttering/Latencies when LAN/Ethernet Driver active
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