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How to tell if TRIM is enabled on my RAID0 SSD?

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    How to tell if TRIM is enabled on my RAID0 SSD?

    Hello, Iím trying to confirm whether or not TRIM is actually working on my system and I canít find any definitive answers.

    Iím on a new Asus G750JZ-DB73, which has dual SanDisk 128 GB SSDs in RAID0. Iíve heard that TRIM was incompatible with RAID, but Iíve also seen recent reports claiming that newer drives or motherboards or whatever did allow for TRIM with RAID drives. My knowledge if techese is limited, so Iím unsure what to believe.

    Secondly, Iíve encrypted my SSD(s) using DiskCryptor without issue, and DiskCryptor claims full compatibility with both RAID and TRIM.

    Hereís where I get confused. Both CrystalDiskInfo and the ďfsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotifyĒ command in Command Prompt indicate that TRIM is enabled on my system. However, when I use TRIMcheck, Iím informed that TRIM doesnít appear to be working.

    How can I conclusively verify if TRIM is working for me? And if it isnít, is there a way to activate it on my system?

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: The SSD is a SanDisk SD5SE2256G1002E.
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    ďfsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotifyĒ command in Command Prompt Is your best indicator, if result is 0 you are good to go. If you can force Trim in "Optimize Drives" is also good indication it's working.

    TRIM Support for SSD - Check and Enable or Disable
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    For Windows 8.x.x, Trim is automatically enabled. For Windows 7, you have to have sp1 installed to get Trim automatically enabled.
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How to tell if TRIM is enabled on my RAID0 SSD?
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