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Touch Keyboard and Start Menu Buttons?

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    Touch Keyboard and Start Menu Buttons?

    The HP Slate 500 has a keyboard button that on Windows 7 launched the annoying floating keyboard and another which opened the start menu. On Windows 8 it does not do anything, I want to map these buttons so they work again.

    Does anyone know the command invoked when you hit the Keyboard Toolbar? Secondly, does anyone know of a good way to map these buttons? The Cnt Alt Del, and Volume buttons work, so I know Windows can see them.

    Thanks for your time guys!

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    Click image for larger version
    Key tweak is a really good keyboard mapper. It has a semi-automatic setting where you launch keytweak, tell it to learn a key, press the button you want to map and it will give you a code for that particular button. Once you have the button mapped you may be able to map it to a hotkey or something.

    I've been trying to remap my LCD/monitor toggle fn button but I haven't figured out how to do the hotkey part yet.
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    Thanks for that, I'll look into it.

    Now does anyone know how to map the keyboard or start menu?
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    hmmm… for the start menu you could try plugging in an external keyboard and just pressing the Windows button.
    I don't know about launching the keyboard though...
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    Turns out that that program can see the Volume keys, but not the Home, Keyboard or Cnt Alt Del key (the last of that list works)
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    Awww, total bummer. I wonder if there was some driver that got wiped that enabled keyboard and home keys.

    I'm just going to file it as "amusing" that a tablet manufacturer built in a hard cntaltdel key... funny.
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    Hey, I just stumbled on something and thought of you. Try opening the charms bar, tap search, then type in "tablet" and tapthe settings subfield. You should se an option available that says "Set tablet buttons to perform certain tasks." My tablet doesn't have any tablet buttons so when I click it, it says "No tablet buttons are installed on this device."

    Give it a try and see if that works for you.
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    Good spot, but I get the same error as you.
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    It sounds like you may be missing a driver.

    If you go to control panel/device manager are there any items that show a little yellow hazard icon and say "unidentified device?"
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    Just for a Multimedia controller
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Touch Keyboard and Start Menu Buttons?
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