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Touch Keyboard and Start Menu Buttons?

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    It doesn't sound like that would be it.
    Try going through your drivers in device manager for any HID, mouse, or keyboard devices, right click, select properties, click the driver tab, and look for generic Microsoft drivers, then see if you can update them to drivers from your manufacturer. If you have a generic driver for something that needs a manufacturer driver that may be what's causing the buttons to be inactive.

    It's a good idea to have a mouse or keyboard that you can plug in to your device handy -- I tried to update my touch screen and it hyorked the touch interface so badly I had to load a restore point to fix it.

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    Problem is nothing seems to indicate that's what they are. I need to find a way to identify which devices are triggered when I push the Volume and Cnt Alt Del key
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    Another thought: You could go into device manager and then right click and disable drivers one by one (enabling them again after your rule them out) until one of them makes your volume buttons or Cnt Alt Del button stop functioning. That would identify what's running those buttons at least. Again, you'll want to have some sort of external input device (like a mouse) handy.

    The thing is, finding what's operating the volume and cnt alt del buttons won't necessarily tell you what will run your start and keyboard buttons, it's possible that they could be enabled by different devices.
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    On Windows 7 they were run by the HP Quickstart program, but it doesn't install properly in Win8 (inc compatibility mode).

    Well it installs, which activates auto-rotate, but the other keys don't start working and you can't launch it's GUI. I was hoping to just map them to existing buttons, ie Home -> Windows Key
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    hmm, you mention that you installed quickstart in compatibility mode, did you also set quickstart GUI to run in compatibility mode?
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    Yeah, I found this thread which is related

    HP Slate 500 - Home and Keyboard Keys Don't Work

    God that's a long read
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    Right so I got the Home Button to work, it minimized everything (which is how you launch the start menu in Windows 7).

    KCU\Hewlett-Packard\HP Quick Launch\Event\Bezel Button\8606\Action Name, which is a string containing "Minimize Windows. The keyboard button accesses HKCU\Hewlett-Packard\HP Quick Launch\Event\Bezel Button\8607\Action Name, which is a string containing "Virtual Keyboard". Changing the value of the Action Name makes the button simply do nothing, most likely because I don't know what to change it to that will work."
    Right, so I wrote the regKeys it says here and it worked. Now I need to figure out how to change it from Minimize Windows to Window Key.

    Keyboard button minimizes the touch keyboard when it's open. So it's faster than aiming my big fat finger for that obnoxiously small X button
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    Hey! Great progress!

    Have you tried running keytweak since you got the buttons to work?
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    It detects the home key now! But when clicking it once it fills both key 1 and key 2 fields in Teach Mode. Progress indeed!

    Alright so checking Half Team mode it thinks they Home Key is the B button so that isn't going to work. Now interestingly after I rebooted they Keyboard key worked properly once, then it didn't work again.

    I am probably going to have to remap these keys at registry level myself, Atm it's a string value called "ActionName" with value "Virtual Keyboard" or "Minimize Windows". Perhaps I should be thinking to remove these and try and registry program them to be the things I want.
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    So this is where I have go to

    How It Performs

    You have to launch the HPMSGSVC program in the HP Quick Launch folder everytime you boot so add it to startup.

    Home Key: It minimizes windows, this also launched the start menu in Windows 7 but this does not launch the metro menu (it does launch the Win7 style menu if you disable Metro UI)

    Keyboard Key: Launches the Win8 Keyboard the first time, and only the first time it's used after a boot. It will reliably close the keyboard everytime however.

    Remapping Via GUI

    Now you can download and install KeyTweak, when running this in Teach Mode you can now see and remap these keys. Unfortunately KeyTweak thinks that the Home key is the "B" key, so remapping automatically it doesn't do jack!

    Now when using full teach mode I know the keys (scancodes) are as follows:

    Volume Up: 57392
    Volume Down:57390
    Keyboard: <-- I couldn't get this one working in KeyTweak
    Cnt Alt Del:57427

    Sharpkeys see's the Home Key as the Left Windows key, so that program doesn't work either.


    It's very interesting that the Keyboard button toggles open once, but can toggle closed every time.
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Touch Keyboard and Start Menu Buttons?
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