I have this not a month old Blu ray drive LG [WH16NS40]
The drive works perfectly reading CDs and DVDs software or data, but once I play a DVD movie
After ejecting the DVD, the drive would stop reading anything at all beside CDs.
I can hear the disc spinning for few seconds then it stop with "no disc inserted" message.

I disconnected the power cable of the drive, reconnected, it start reading everything back.
but again once I play/eject a movie, it would stop reading anything after.
I made it burn few DVDs, it was burning them fine, at full speed.

So I'm not sure, is it possible to be defective?

I have another Samsung DVD writer installed on same system, running perfectly.
playing movies over and over.

What I have tried:
Changing sata/power cable and slots on MB.
Updating/downgrading firmware.
Reinstalled hardware.
Deleting lower and upper filter from registry.

I'm thinking of getting new same drive, but can't tell if this factory bug or just my unit?
Haven't got any BD discs yet to test.