Hey all,

Installed the 8/12 firmware update on both my wife's surface 3 and my surface 3. On my surface, I see the new touchpad options under 'Mouse and touchpad' settings.

However, on my wife's surface the new options are not there.

So, on mine, I see 6 options total, on my wife's only the original 3.

Looking at the update history on her surface, it shows a Status of succeeded for the firmware update.

I have downloaded and tried manually installing the following updates:
- SurfaceTypeCoverV3FwUpdate
- SurfaceCoverClick
- SurfaceCoverTelemetry

I have tried rolling back and reinstalling the following firmware drivers:
- Surface Pro Embedded Controller Firmware
- Surface Pro System Aggregator Firmware

I have also tried swapping covers between my unit ine and my wife's. Regardless of cover, the 'problem' unit only has the 3 touch pad options and the 'good' unit has the 6 options.

Any idea what could be going on or how I can rectify?