Hell win8 forum.

Ive got a problem with win8 -8.1 photo viewer on my dad new asus laptop he bought about a month-2month ago.
Hea got a Epsom xp315 wireless printer, connected to wifi not usb.
When he prints a photo in photo viewer he gets a error next to the print jobs and then only prints out part of the picture until spitting it out.
I uninstalled and re installed a number of times with windows drivers and Epson drivers with still no avail.
So I tried using USB, now this worked perfectly no problem, but when I go back to wifi then we get this error again, its driving me nuts.

Im in the IT game so ive done the standard trouble shooting on the router, printer and laptop, the thing was when he had his win7 laptop it was fine too.

Ive contacted Epson and they basically said contact windows (thanx guys great help).
So on here to try and pick people brains if possible.

What ive tried so far is:
Re-installed drivers with Epson updated windows 8 ones
Windows drivers
Removed color management profiles
Tried to replace photowiz.dll with a known working one but could not replace due to windows using it
and tried adding a test new user account to see if its his profile.
Someone has said to stop and start the spooler service and try again which I will try later.
But nothing seems to be working other than downgrading to windows7 again.
Can anyone help!!!!????
Thank you for your time.