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    Who's to say that if I do a complete reinstall and it upgrades again, that this won't happen again. i need to find out what caused it so I can stop it from happening again, don't you think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HBlawn View Post
    I looked for that before and I don't have it.
    Anything in BIOS related to the USB 3.0 specification?
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    I have a Samsung laptop that will do this if I logout of the laptop. The mouse and keyboard will not work. My solution has been to shutdown or turn off the laptop, wait 30 to 60 seconds, and then turn it back on and all is well again. Do you have an extra usb keyboard laying around? If so, try plugging it in and see if it will get you to a shutdown screen. Then you can retry the start and see what happens. Best of luck to you.
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    Have you tried hooking up a wired keyboard and/or mouse?

    Just a thought.

    Also, if I am not mistaken the 500 series has 4 USB ports, 2 front and 2 back. Have you tried using all?

    On my 500-075, the 2 on the front are 3.0 and use a totally different set of drivers.
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    windows 8.1

    The keyboard and mouse work before windows loads. I can use them to get into the bios and setup screens.

    Once windows loads, they stop working. I have 4 usb's in the back (2.0) and 2 in the front (3.0). I tried each one and nothing.

    They are hardwired items.

    I tried the sfc/scannow thing and it stated it couldn't start.

    Anything else to try????

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    Try this first: Disconnect all peripherals (ie., mouse, keyboard, printer, etc.), unplug your A/C wire from the power supply, hold down your power button for ~10 seconds, then reconnect everything (make sure the mouse/keyboard are not in any USB 3.0 ports), boot back up and see if any functionality has been restored to the mouse/keyboard. If not, move on to the following:

    Did your computer come with Windows 8 pre-installed? If the answer is yes, check to see if you have the following set of options in BIOS:

    Immediately after pushing the power button, repeatedly push the Escape key until you get the Startup menu, then go to Computer Setup (or press F10).

    1. Security Menu
    2. Secure Boot Configuration
    3. Press F10 to continue at the warning screen
    4A. Legacy Support option > If it is already 'disabled', set to 'enable' and then set the Secure Boot option underneath it to 'disable'
    4B. If the Legacy Support option is already set to 'enable', set it to 'disable' and then set the Secure Boot option underneath it to 'enable'
    5. Disable Fastboot option
    6. Press F10 to Accept your changes, then Save and restart

    Make sure you remember these settings so you can revert back to whatever they were should they cause any problems with booting the OS, or, if the above does not work, set them back to the pre-existing configuration (which was probably Legacy mode disabled, and Secure Boot enabled).

    If you do not have these options, and the computer came shipped with Windows 7 (or anything pre-Windows 8), go to HP Support, download and install the latest BIOS for your machine -

    Here is the link and instructions :

    HP Consumer Desktop PC BIOS Update (ROM Family 2ADA) - HP Pavilion 500-023w Desktop PC | HP® Support

    Other things you can try: Does the computer have PS/2 ports? If it does, try a USB>PS/2 adaptor for your mouse/keyboard. You can also try a wireless mouse/ can plug in a wireless USB receiver at the login screen...
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USB Keyboard & Mouse
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