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What do you think about Windows 8 Tablets?

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    What do you think about Windows 8 Tablets?

    I have a powerful 11.6 inch Windows 8 tablet Acer Iconia W700 with a I5 Core(1,8GHz) with 4GB of RAM and i am very happy with it and it is very good at heavy tasks like Video editing, Photoshop and it has pretty much replaced my laptop for everything and it is more light weight and way more portable than my laptop.

    But i still use my laptop for Hardcore gamng like FIFA but at the moment my laptop is broken/crashed because of my hard drive, i have to wait till October to get it repaired so i am very dependent on my Acer Iconia W700 for now and i really hope it won't crash or my hardrive fails or stop working because it is only my Windows 8 device and is my main computer.

    I use my Acer Iconia W700 just to:

    Edit my Youtube videos and upload to Youtube.
    Surfing the web
    Watching videos
    Reading the news
    Downlading Files, Videos

    And with a good case with a good keyboard(non removable) i got from the package i can use it as a laptop as well.

    I think Windows 8 tablets(Surface Pro 3, Dell Venue 11 Pro, Acer Iconia W700) are full computers in a tablet form factor and i think it is great because you can take them anywhere you want to because it is very portable then your laptop/macbook and you can get work done like from doing Spreadsheets, Office to advanced works tasks like Video editing, Web Design and it has a FULL desktop OS Windows 8, you can run any program you want from previous Windows versions.

    But the bad thing is about Windows 8 tablets i just wish the Windows 8 programs(in desktop) like Windows Movie Maker be more touch friendly because i still have to use a mouse to edit my videos and i don't think there is any good video editors on the Windows app store at the moment.

    Can someone suggest any touch friendly and good video editors? if not then i still be happy with using a mouse to edit my videos on Windows Movie Maker.

    Anyways Windows 8 tablets are great and hopefully Windows 9 will be even more touch friendly on Tablets.

    What do you think about Windows 8 tablets? Do you have a Windows 8 tablet and what do you use it for?

    And have you replaced your laptop with a Windows 8 tablet?

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    I've got a Surface Pro, generation 1. Barely ever use it. I use my laptop (work laptop is Dell Latitude e6430u, core i7, 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD, running 8.1) (home laptop is MacBook Pro, core i5, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD). I'm not a fan of tablets. We have an older Asus Transformer Android 10" tablet, my wife has an iPad Air and my son has an iPad mini.

    If in a pinch, I'll use the Surface Pro. But if either of my laptops are around, that is what I'm using. < I'm using my MacBook Pro right now.
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    I have an Asus B121 tablet, which was originally designed for Windows 7 but works most excellent with Windows 8.1.

    First of all, I am curious. Generally when I am using my tablet in a touch-only mode (not having
    a physical mouse or keyboard attached) I am not doing things like video editing. I am doing things like
    reading and posting on Facebook, reading e-mails, sending texts, reading CNN..etc. Are you finding
    yourself using the tablet in a touch-only mode a lot doing things like video editing?

    Unfortunately, the desktop is still the desktop. It still has all the drawbacks of the desktop like
    not being very touch friendly. Which is why Microsoft has spent so much time on the Modern
    UI interface which IS touch friendly. I find that the rare instances that I am doing a lot of things
    in the desktop in touch-only mode, I can still perform most tasks just not as easily as I can with
    the physical input devices attached.

    My Windows 8.1 tablet is used for many things and I find I am using it more and more. I use it like
    a traditional tablet when I am on the go like Facebook and stuff. When I am at home I can easily
    attach a mouse and do more in desktop mode. Including video editing and using and the like.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    What do I think about the Windows tablet? Damned impressive. The landscaped shifted from simple ARM processors that were great for picture viewing and kitty videos to now tablets that edit those photos and import the kitty video files from a digital camera. Basically, incredible power in the size of a literal notebook.

    I have a first gen Surface RT and will upgrade to a Surface 3 if that exists and has the N-trig technology in a heartbeat, especially if it's true that Windows 9 RT will be sans desktop. That will make a great difference because the desktop sucks donkey kong and underscores WinRT's benefits. Of course, I primarily use my self-built desktop than my Surface, mostly because of poor stylus support. Every time I write on a Surface Pro, my heart melts and I want EVERY touchscreen to be like that and a stylus with it too.
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What do you think about Windows 8 Tablets?
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