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Touch Keyboard Tiny Graphic at the bottom of the screen.

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    Touch Keyboard Tiny Graphic at the bottom of the screen.

    Greetings. I have a Viliv X70s sitting around so I thought I'd throw Windows 8 on to see what happens. It is doing great and I'm enjoying exploring Windows 8 with it. The onscreen keyboard works like a charm. In some ways it's running better than it did with Windows 7.

    But the Touch Keyboard, not so much. When I invoke it, it appears as a tiny graphic at the bottom of the screen. If I use my stylus and tap the tiny graphic, it seems to be functional, just not big enough to see.

    Any advice would be welcome.

    Screen resolution: 1024 x 768
    Intel GMA 500

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    Hi Dware1, can you explain what you mean by saying "the onscreen keyboard works like a charm" … "but the touch keyboard, not so much"?
    Are those two different things?

    Can you post a screenshot with the tiny graphic showing?

    I'm running a viliv s10 with the GMA 500, 1366 x 768

    If you need to get icons to look bigger on the desktop view, right click on the desktop, select
    "screen resolution"
    Then click "make text and other items larger or smaller"
    You should be able to select to select a medium setting that will make thinks on the desktop easier to touch.

    If you want to make to make items in Windows Metro look bigger, open the charms bar, click settings, click more pc settings, go to Ease of access, and toggle "make everything on your screen bigger"
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    I have the same problem...
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    I have the same problem on my Samsung Slate 7 on Windows 8.
    I would like to use two pen button of the stylus. I install wacom driver ISD_DualTouch_707-5 and ISD_DualTouch_706-6.
    Two pen button are OK but the onscreen keyboard is tiny or to small.
    This is the keyboard that have be called by clicking on the keyboard icon of the tasksbar.
    The black area of the bottom of the keyboard is the width of the screen and I can not change it, the keyboard itself is very small in the center of the black area and the characters are tiny. The keyboard takes a tier of the black area.
    When I uninstall the drivers the keyboard returns to normal size.
    There is a conflict between Wacom drivers and the windows 8 keyboard or touch driver.
    How can I resolve this issue ?
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    Windows 8

    This issue has come up for me several times. Reinstalling the pen driver seems to do the trick, but it is important that I do a full shut down after driver installation; a simple restart does not seem to retain the changes.
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    Windows 8

    I've got a viliv x70 ex and have loaded Windows 8 on top of a nicely functioning Windows 7. Used a HIDeGalaxTouch driver to get touch (really just desktop mouse performance, no "swiping" or gestures). Can't find a usable sd8686 wifi driver, nor get Bluetooth to function or even be fully recognized by Device Manager. Any advice from those of you who've already succeeded on related devices?
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Touch Keyboard Tiny Graphic at the bottom of the screen.
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