So my ASUS Laptop is being extremly slow lately, not just in the OS, but during bootup too. I dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 8 so my Laptop always loads GRUB to select if I want to boot Ubuntu or Windows. Usually, it takes 5 seconds for GRUB to load after pressing the power button, now it takes 3 minutes.

Furthermore, I suspect HDD failure because when I attempt to play a video from my HDD, you can hear occasional clicking noises from the Laptop while my disk usage shoots up to 100% and the computer hangs for a few seconds.

This morning, I booted my Laptop up and it got to the desktop, now there is no disk activity whatsoever, and half of the windows processes have not loaded yet. I cannot launch any applications and the only way to turn it off is with a forced shutdown.

I'm going to send it to ASUS to get it repaired due to suspected HDD failure and have it replaced but my question is, is this really HDD failure? Or is it something else.

This Laptop was bought just over a year ago so I was shocked that the HDD could fail this fast.