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HDD clicking & Win8 stuck after installing VMware or VBox!

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    HDD clicking & Win8 stuck after installing VMware or VBox!


    I've had my computer for about four years with an Asus motherboard, and I recently (like two days ago) had it changed to a Digilite motherboard. I'm also a regular user of VMware or VirtualBox, whichever is feeling fancy to me.

    About six months ago, my Seagate hard disk started clicking regularly at about 10 seconds interval, which quickly came down to 1-2 second interval, causing the hard drive to click furiously. Due to this, my Win8 would get stuck and won't even give a BSOD. Same thing would happen at restart. Automatic Repair didn't help, but chkdsk would find some corrupted sectors and fix the issue. On the next restart, after running smoothly for 5 minutes, the clicking and stucking would start again. I finally narrowed down the problem to VMware and removed it and ran chkdsk again. This seemed to solve the problem.

    After getting my new motherboard, I thought the results might be different, so I installed VMware and ran it for a long time. There was no clicking of HDD until the next startup. As soon as I logged in, desktop became slow and stucky, and finally I heard the horrific sound of that clicking again. (Now whenever I hear ANYthing click ANYwhere, I freeze for a second.) I knew what the problem was and applied the same solution I applied months ago.

    I come here asking for help to find the root of this problem. I need to be able to run VMware or VirtualBox to go through a few Linux and python books I'm reading. My brain just cannot grasp how a software could affect the hardware this badly! I'll try a few other things to narrow down the problem while I wait for responses. At this point, where changing the HDD seems to be the only option, any alternative help is highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Your HD is going bad. Backup your data and replace it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by topgundcp View Post
    Your HD is going bad. Backup your data and replace it.
    Agree and you might consider getting an SSD.
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    Sorry for the delay. Yeah, I'm starting to agree with that. It must be my HDD.

    But just to make sure that it is my HDD, I'm just going to do one final task. I haven't found one yet, but as soon as I get my hands on another hard drive (from a friend, etc.), I'll load Win8 on it and run VMware for a while, with reboots. If everything stays well throughout, then the problem has been isolated and this thread Solved. If the clicking returns, so will I. If anybody has an objection or an alternate opinion, I'm all ears.

    Edit: Also, if possible, can someone explain how a software like VMware is able to cause a hardware problem (even in a corrupt HDD)?

    Thanks for hearing me out!
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    You could run a HDD test. Seagate should have one listed on their site.

    Any software is just zeroes and ones to any storage device and cannot possibly damage a drive. Heat or shock is usually the culprits. Drop it or the computer and itís usually toast. Is your computer case cooling well enough? When was the last time it was cleaned?
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HDD clicking & Win8 stuck after installing VMware or VBox!
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