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Transferring files problem.

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    Transferring files problem.

    I recently just switched my Os to a SSD, and it runs pretty fast but I've run into two problems.

    Occasionally my system just freezes for like 20 seconds, I have no idea what is causing it.

    Secondly the 2tb drive that came with the system ( the one I replaced with an ssd) shuts down when I try to transfer files to it. I formatted it, and when I try to move files to it, it goes pretty slow, and eventually says location not available and the drive completely shuts off.

    both these problems are extremely frustrating! Any help would be wonderful. I feel like I did not install this ssd right or that it isn't functionally properly!

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    First problem might be connected to second one, whenever you do anything on either disk and if that HDD is in poor shape it it would reflect in whole system. You could start with checking HDD for errors, defragment it, turn "Sleep" mode for it off and eventually divide it in two or more partitions.
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    Would you have a link to a tutorial to some of these walk throughs? Specially the partition changes, which is new to me.
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    Here : Download Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Tools Tools for Windows - MajorGeeks you can download a test program according to that HDD's make it should tell you about it's shape and health and even repair some problems if found.
    For defragmentation I would suggest: Disk SpeedUp - Free Defragmenter to Defrag Disk for Best Performance | Glarysoft just don't let it defrag SSD.
    For partitioning this one is my choice for long time now: Download EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition - MajorGeeks
    They are all windows programs and free. Start with diagnostics, some of them can take pretty long time (like couple of hours) to complete.
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Transferring files problem.
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