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Windows 8 Disk mirroring help/advice

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    Windows 8 Disk mirroring help/advice

    Afternoon All,

    Hopefully someone can advise as I'm a little stuck.

    I have bought a new PC/Server to be used as a media server, I have 2 x 2TB disks installed which I believe I have mirrored, please see below screenshot.

    Click image for larger version

    From the reading and research I have done I don't believe if one disk was to fail the other one would work, I think I may need to mirror the EFI system Partition and Recovery Partition of which I'm not too sure how to do this?

    Any advice would be much appreciated.


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    Hey can anyone advise?

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    I think you should have started on the left and worked your way to the right, that's how it works for me anyway.
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    You appear to have software mirrored your system partition but not the EFI and Recovery partitions (as you suggested). The colours seem right. And you are right. Should disk 0 fail you won't be able to boot of Disk 1????

    See my example. But my software mirror is a whole data disc scenario so different from your setup.

    No help to you but I would have gone down the route of a hardware RAID mirror from the BIOS (ctrl/I, I think in the startup). Of course this assumes that your motherboard CAN hardware mirror which I expect it can?

    Sorry, I don't want to tell you what to do with your system but hardware RAID is more efficient than software RAID and easier to setup and maintain.

    my 2c worth
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Windows 8 Disk mirroring help/advice
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