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Can't login no OSK (keyboard)

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    Can't login no OSK (keyboard)

    Hi, Lenovo Miix 2 8, win8.1 all up to date.

    When at home, I use an OTG USB cable, a powered USB-hub and a wireless keyboard/mouse dongle plugged into the hub.

    It works fine, but when I remove the otg cable and take the Miix with me and boot up, there is no OSK that pops up at the login screen, so I am stuck at there. It looks like win8.1 now considers the remote keyboard as always attached.

    I went in to Device Manager and there is no USB keyboard in the Keyboard section.

    Any help in forcing win8.1 to show the keyboard so I can login?

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    When you are in Windows, is the OSK showing on the Taskbar?

    If it isn't anything in the Ease of Access section that might be related?

    I am not on my system right now, but at logon the keyboard will normally popup, or selecting the entry box will activate it, or possibly you can select is from one of the icons..

    There may be some situations where a power hub is not compatible with normal operations. You might try not using it for a while for testing.
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    Thanks SaltGrass,

    Ease of access doesn't have anything to help.

    I agree, it used to pop up, but now it doesn't.

    I am unplugging the OTG cable and rebooting when testing so it has no knowledge of the hub.

    The OSK is shown in the taskbar of the Desktop and I can access it fine there. BUT, on the Start page and the Login pages it is just all blue and no way to launch the OSK manually. Even clicking in the white-text box for Search on the Start page does nothing.

    Msoft, gotta love that programming excellence.
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    You might try using the PC Settings from the Charms Bar and then PC and Devices. One of those options is Typing. The last option allows you to change the configuration of the onscreen keyboard. After you allow it, you can change the configuration from the keyboard using the keyboard icon. Perhaps changing that setting would wake something up.

    I can't really think of anything else to do except use the keyboard whenever you can to see if it will eventually come back.

    Edit: On my system, the actual log on screen has an icon next to the Network Connection icon. If I touch and hold that one, I get a menu which allows the Onscreen Keyboard selection.
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    Thanks again, but I remembered there is also a full OSK (with Alt-key) in


    So I have pinned that to the Start so at least I can search.

    It doesn't solve the login screen issue though, but for now, I have disabled password on login so at least I can use it. The irony is that I don't need the login password when at home with the USB keyboard, but I would like it when away. {sigh}

    I also deleted all the HID Keyboard devices and made it scan hardware, but still no joy.
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    On my system, the actual log on screen has an icon next to the Network Connection icon. If I touch and hold that one, I get a menu which allows the Onscreen Keyboard selection.
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    The only other thing to mention is when you get to the Lock Screen, make sure you use the touchscreen to remove it. My keyboard pops up right after I move the Lock Screen to the top of the window.
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    Sounds like Windows is having major issues with whatever drivers it has used for the OTG. I have had similar issues to this when I used a bluetooth mouse on my Windows 8 tablet. Even though I would turn it off and back on and not have my bluetooth mouse with me, it started to not showing the keyboard on bootup to log in. I had to disable the bluetooth driver to get the device to work normally again.

    Have you tried to run Windows Update while the OTG is attached and apply any updated drivers they may have for it?
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    Thanks for suggestions, but nothing seemed to fix it. I did a full restore of windows Uggh! and it is ALMOST working as it is should again. The mouse click will not pop up the OSK, but a tap with a finger in the Password box now does. Msoft, what can I say? Must be a feature.
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Can't login no OSK (keyboard)
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