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I really believe your problem is that your motherboard is just not directly compatible with Windows 8. I did notice in my own search that your motherboard has PS/2 ports for keyboard and mouse. For the time being, you can always buy a PS2 to USB adaptor, which should restore keyboard and mouse functionality, allowing you to enter windows and troubleshoot a little more (like with Sandra Lite for example).

After considering everything though, as I stated above, I really think you only have three options at this point:

1. Revert back to Windows 7, and restore full functionality to your computer
2. Buy a new motherboard, and restore functionality for a Windows 8 OS.
3. Buy a couple of PS2>USB adaptors, and continue using Windows 8 without any USB support.
Thnaks laot for your help and time but i noticed when thing now when i update my windows to windows 8.1 from Microsoft then it works perfectly after some installation of update means its a have technical driver or reg issue else thanks alot may be i m going to change my board which i buy few days before