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Need Screen to Turn Off after certain delay BUT NOT SLEEP!

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    Dear beradi1111

    Consider Checking This Link For All The Help Explained In Depth

    Hoped It Helped

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    If you add hyper-v feature it will disable connected standby -
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    Thanks so much Berardi, This did the trick on our Windows 8.1\Bing tablet!


    Quote Originally Posted by berardi1111 View Post
    OK so the best solution I have found is:
    1. Disable connected standby via regedit
    2. Set the computer to never sleep in each of your power settings schemes via the Windows Modern settings
    3. Under advanced power options set the screen to turn off after the desired amount of time for each of your power schemes.

    I think the important part is to FIRST set the never sleep inside the Windows Modern settings. THEN change the advanced power options screen turn off time.

    This is really backwards and MS really needs to fix this but for now my Surface Pro 3 is behaving as I would like it to.
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    Is there a difference in terms of power consumption between blank screen saver, the "turn lcd off" tool, and native "display off" after instant-on has been disabled? Obviously, blank screen saver seems the safest and easiest...
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    That was our first thought, however, a blank screen saver still powers the back light of the LCD and will reduce the lifespan of the screen as well as still consume energy. We need the screens to last for years and the tablet will be on all the time, so turning the screen off for us was the best solution.
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    Same problem here with wanting to leave a tablet doing useful stuff with no real need for the display to be on and this new win8 power management malarky has been driving me absolutely nuts !

    Whilst the whole standby(connected) and what amounts to a hibernate rather than shutdown scheme seems like a good thing in principle, it most certainly doesn't totally remove the need for the good old fashioned method of power management IMHO. It seems quite crazy that MS have decreed that you can't simply select the 'new' or 'old' method as required. If I just wanted my tablet to look/behave like a smartphone then I'd probably have bought a poxy smartphone rather than a tablet !

    I currently have a shiny new tablet sat next to me running for hours at a time ... and all that I really want to do is dim or blank the screen when there's been no recent user activity and then shutdown after a very much longer period of no user activity. Dead easy in the past but no longer possible now so the screen has to remain fully active even when it's obviously not being used. This simply has to consume vast amounts of battery capacity in addition to stressing components unnecessarily.

    I sort of understand previous posts (and other similar threads on here and elsewhere) but the only suggestions are more than a bit of a bodge really aren't they ? and no doubt something that's easily screwed up by a future Win Update into the bargain. Unless I'm totally missing the bleedin' obvious here, all that's really needed is a screensaver that actually does exactly what it says on the label. Something that kicks in after a configured period of user inactivity which saves the screen (plus backlight and battery !) by effectively turning the screen off. Windows power management can then deal with the sleep/shutdown aspect in the usual way if/when subsequently needed.

    The standard 'blank' screensaver looks promising but of course it doesn't help at all in reality. Effectively all it does is hide the screen behind a black image so it has no significant effect on power consumption or component life whatsoever because the backlight is still on at the 'normal' level. Surely it's not beyond the limits of man to dim/blank the screen by actually reducing the brightness rather than simply covering it up to achieve a vaguely similar result ?

    I've no doubt that the equally new 'auto brightness' option could potentially screw things up but that option can be easily disabled if needs be. The fact that Windows now appears to place a solid colour image behind any 3rd party screensaver probably also makes dimming of the actual screen contents virtually impossible. However, the only important requirement here is to reduce the backlight to zero(ish) and display a static image in order to conserve power and extend component life. What the screen visually looks like is somewhat irrelevant really. Something essentially as simple as the current 'blank' screensaver but with much reduced display brightness forced when it's active as well would be fine.

    So ... is there anyone clever enough to produce a noddy screensaver that reduces the display brightness to zero(ish) after a period of no user activity but will immediately restore it back to the previous brightness level setting if there's any user activity before the normal sleep/shutdown kicks in ? There's a virtual crate of beer sat here waiting for someone who can implement what seems to me to be the ideal solution to the problem MS have created by their 'improvements' to power management ! It all sounds simple enough to me in principle (although I don't have a clue about how to actually implement it) but is there any reason why it can't actually be achieved in practice ?
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    Lenovo laptops have their turn off backlight feature to toggle it on or off, but I just use connected standby on my tablet when I want the screen off for a moment.
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    Just to tag onto this thread, i found an answer here with a registry edit:

    Windows 8.1 tablet, turn off screen while keeping tablet on? - Microsoft Community

    However now i have Turn Display Off after x minutes, i still want to be able to assign this action to my tablet power button...which isn't an option it seems!
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Need Screen to Turn Off after certain delay BUT NOT SLEEP!
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