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Problems Syncing Settings

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    Hi all,

    Since this is the last thread I could find about syncing I post my problem here.

    Last Friday I received my pro 3 i7 and I am very happy with it because it is just an awesome machine and a big step higher then the rt, surface 2, pro and pro 2 I own(ed). I am a happy camper that I could work on Al these machines but for the first time I come across a problem I just can't solve and also Microsoft phone support not (after two hours). They asked me to go to the store to swap the machine so I did that today.

    What's the problem? Let me explain.

    It syncs but partially. It syncs my contact's, my avatar (picture on my account), it syncs my apps, it sync's my OneDrive and it syncs to my other devices (in internet explorer I can see my pro 3 on other devices when I go to desktop mode and click on a empty tab next to my homepage) So, conclusion syncing does happen but not on my pro 3 correctly.

    I don't see my previous searches, I don't see my desktop background, I don't see my screensaver and I don't see my other devices.

    This is what I tried:
    Check my sync setting one OneDrive (all on)
    Made sure I was updated to till the last update
    Refreshed my pro 3 several times
    Reinstall the OS several times (used a backup and set up as new machine)
    Switched to a local account and activated my Microsoft account again
    Went to the Microsoft store and swapped my device ( I know its not a hardware failure but trying was my last option)
    Refreshed my surface 2 and Re-Installed my account on my surface 2 and there it works like a charm (everything syncs)

    I just don't know what to do anymore because everything seems right. The salesman at the Microsoft store also did not know what to do anymore and promised me to get a contact at the OneDrive team to contact me but that did not happen yet.

    I am almost sure it has something to do with my account not being able to sync correctly with the pro 3 for some reason but I can't find anyone on line having the same problems so I am hoping there is a very smart mind in these forums that knows a solution

    Many thanks in advance
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Problems Syncing Settings
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