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My Asus R510DP-FH11 graphics messed up with 8.1

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    My Asus R510DP-FH11 graphics messed up with 8.1

    Good day,

    So I mistakenly accepted to install Windows 8.1, everything seems fine excepts graphics, some apps and programs have lower resolution (Normal is 1920x1080) like World of warcraft, google chome, or the device manager. I have changed the drivers so many times, 13.100, 13.151, 13.251 and none of them changed anything.

    I want to see if someone has solved the problem in their asus (I have seen the problem solved in so many other brands) or if I should just go ahead and refresh the system.

    These are the laptop's main specs:

    Processor AMD A10-5750M
    Memory 8GB System Memory (DDR3)
    Video Graphics AMD Radeon 8670 2GB
    Hard Drive 750GB 5400RPM HDD

    Thank you so much!


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    AMD A10-4600M, ASUS K75DE running Catalyst 14.4 here. The only issues I've had are with Metro Apps. Every once in a while the graphics get messed up. Missing overlays etc. Reinstalling my video drivers fixes it.
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    Windows 8.1

    Didnt work for me, there are some games and apps that still look bad, any other ideas?

    I used 14.4 and 14.7 beta, none of them fixed the problem.

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    Because I don't have an AMD, I'm a little out my area, but a 'clean install' on NVidia solves problems like this.

    In fact, on of the pages for the Catalyst 14.4 mentions that it doesn't remove all the folders. Perhaps a clean install would help.

    AMD Catalyst 14.7 Beta Driver for Windows
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    I would suggest a clean install of 8.1. There are many problems with upgrading from 8. There are some programs which work well on 8 but have bugs on 8.1. 8.1 doesn't work as well without a clean install. You can also try t do a refresh which still keeps your personal files but not programs.
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    windows 8

    I have the same Asus R510dp-fh11 had the same issue. Affter upgrading to windows 8.1 major graphics issues, loss of performance and most of all text blurring. I found that using the amd catalyst 13.1 driver helped with some of the performance loss, but not the blurring. In the end i ended up restoring windows 8, any help updating to windows 8.1 without the loss of performance would be appreciated!
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My Asus R510DP-FH11 graphics messed up with 8.1
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