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    smart phone

    I have been reading about smart phones carriers and for weeks now.
    I understand it is subjective and personal.

    I am a person who can handle Windows fairly well but by no means an expert. I have used 8.1 for quite some time now and like it.
    I know the Windows phone is lacking in the apps dept. and the update to 8.1 seems fuzzy but I have always had an issue with Android. I cannot seem to understand Google products as well as Windows.
    T-Mobile does not have the reception I need as my pay as you go phone had no connection in NH.
    Also, T-Mobile will not allow that girl(I forgot her name -Casandra?) as the phones assistant.
    I would prefer no contract and hope I could pay for a decent phone without breaking the bank.
    ATT and Verizon seem to be the top two.

    I am going to select a carrier then the phone but don't know how to coordinate this except to go to a store and ask. I had little to no luck at T-mobile and hope Verizon and ATT will be better in the help dept..

    Are there any guides you could point out to help in this selection.
    Thank you

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    The App issue with WP is null and void.
    There is no shortage of apps any longer for WP.
    And the major apps are arriving and getting better all the time
    Is every app available on WP? No. But there are plenty of alternatives and good ones at that.

    Lumia app switch - find Your favourite iPhone apps | XYO

    2.) There is nothing wrong with WP8.1
    It's a major update and an excellent one at that.
    With Cyan, Lumia Icon (Verizon), 1520 and the 1020 are all going to get big improvements to things like the Camera.

    I have no issues with Verizon, and I love my Lumia Icon, best phone I have ever had.

    Nokia Windows Phones are excellent phones. highly recommended no matter which carrier you go with.

    As for getting one off contract and then getting on a Carrier, you will need to make sure the carrier can/will accept the phone
    Do not let the sales people talk you out of seriously considering the Windows Phone.
    The smoothness and speed of WP is fantastic, the flagship phones cameras are the best on the market.

    the synching that you can do with OneDrive is very good
    There is no good reason to not consider the WP any longer.

    Cortana is not dependent on carrier, it's baked into the OS. No carriers can block Cortana
    Cortana is only available in the WP8.1 update, and officially only available in the USA
    UK and China will be getting official access to Cortana soon. Then followed by the rest of the world.
    Cortana is run on remote servers by MS, but the data that Cortana has access to is only stored locally on the phone.
    Any inquiries though, are basically handled through Bing via Cortana.

    Cortana is far more robust than Siri or Google Now put together.
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    Well stated, Tepid! WP8 surely simplified my life.

    Nokia Lumia 1520 with AT&T prepay here. Money ahead buying outright and going prepay. $400 to $800 savings (depending on device) than two year contract.

    Here's the link to MS "no contract" phones: No Contract Phones - Microsoft Store U.S.

    Just fo grins, I read that the Senate and the House passed the "Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act". It's pending the president's signature. If it's signed we'll be able to unlock phones and switch carriers at will. I would imagine there will be service fees though.
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    smart phones

    Thank you both for the help.
    I have an entry level T-Mobile Prism and never thought it could do much as the processor is feeble and we have no data plan but I tried it on my home network and it is pretty good -my wife would like it.

    The Windows phone is the one for me and re: apps and 8.1 availability, I must have read an old article. I am happy to see 8.1 is available with Cortana.
    I imagine you get what you pay for but I saw a phone for $ 100 in the link I was sent and it had 8.1 with Cortana.
    At my age and in my budget, I may consider that.
    I guess I start by going to a carrier's store and look at the Windows phones then discuss plans with each carrier.
    It will be a bit of detective work but I will persist until I get the right phone and carrier.
    Got some tires to kick.
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    You're quite welcome, Peter.

    Yes, you get what you pay for. It all depends on what you use the phone for. I've been cellular since the bag phone for I worked the construction industry, so I use it a lot for business (and play). Here's mine. A hefty price, but comes with Office, OneNote, and a lot more. This is a"phablet" size phone.

    Nokia Lumia 1520 - Large screen smartphone - Nokia

    Good luck with your shopping and have fun!
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    I noticed the low end phones have a lot fewer pixels and I am sure other features like a slower processor, etc.

    Would you think it better to get a contract so you get a price reduction on a better phone or no contract with out of pocket and likely a lesser phone?
    I think I am asking the obvious but I want to be sure as I am starting my search for store locations after this post..

    PS I am retired and use the phone like the pc for fun and interest. It would be used for some photos and the like.
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    I'm guessing you would know the answer. Pay upfront now, or pay more in the contract scenario. We pay interest on the phone subsidy. Thing of it is it's hidden. They don't present it that way. If I remember correctly, I'm saving roughly $600 over the two years of contract by buying outright and going prepay. Of course you get a new phone every two years, but the process starts over.

    I have a nephew that works for AT&T mobile division. He tells me that handsets are marked up anywhere from 300% to 400%. Then they mark up the subsidy from that. Americans got blindfolded by carriers' locked phones via contracts so far as I'm concerned. That included me.

    Bottom line > It depends on what you can afford I would think. Pick a phone, get the calculator out, and figure out handset cost + prepay per month vs cost of monthly payments for contract. I'm sure you'll see a big difference.
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    I am sorry to say I am a bit confused on one point. Are you saying pre pay, which I don't know about, may be a savings over the contract. There are so many terms it is very confusing. I will not pester but if you could clear this up it would help.
    I gave T-Mobile $100 for 1000 minutes. Is this pre pay?
    Thank you
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    Not pestering whatsoever. Glad to be of help.

    Yes, that's one form of prepay. You pay then use. There are monthly prepay packages with x amount of call minutes, texts, and cellular data. Generally called bundles. Usually it doesn't carry over to the next month if not used, although some might.
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    I appreciate the information -thank you.
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smart phone
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