Windows is telling me my headphones are not plugged in BUT they ARE and I can use them with my wife's Windows 7 or my dual booted Linux Zorin 9 (Ubuntu 14.04) Both headphones and microphone do work in Linux so i know my sound card hardware does work and the headphones and microphone jack do work - just not working in Windows. ( in fact to solve another problem just day before yesterday, I reinstalled the sound drivers and it all worked then - dont know what could have happened to cause them to stop)

I have tried to configure my sound input and output 20 different ways till Sunday. I tried a restore point where I knew the headphones and mic used to work, I tried reinstalling and updating the drivers for the IDT sound card - everything short of a repair Install from the Windows 8 dvd - That I haven't tried but was hoping to avoid that. It shouldn't matter anyway because one of the options I tried above Should have worked but didn't.

Any ideas? Thanks.