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Would you rather have a Windows 8 tablet or Laptop?

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    Would you rather have a Windows 8 tablet or Laptop?

    I would rather have a lightweight, portable 10.1 inch Windows 8 tablet over a bulky heavy Windows 8 laptop.

    And plus some of the Windows 8 tablets have a I5,7 CPU so you can have a very powerful(desktop like) Windows 8 tablet at the palm of your hands and can do some very heavy tasks like Video editing, Photoshop.

    I seen reviews and heard the Baytrail Atom powered Windows 8 tablets are very good and the new Atom CPU are way better than the old Atom Netbooks and have very good battery life as well.

    I really think tablets especially Windows 8 tablets have really killed of netbooks.

    I have a powerful 11.6 inch Windows 8 tablet Acer Iconia W700 with a I5 Core with 4GB of RAM and i am very happy with it and it is very good at heavy tasks like Video editing, Photoshop and it has pretty much replaced my laptop for everything but i still use my laptop for Hardcore gamng like FIFA and it is more light weight and way more portable than my laptop.

    And a 11 inch Windows 8 tablet or any tablet is still more portable than a 11 inch Laptop because of you have to have 2 hands to hold the laptop while standing up and walking around because of the bit that has a keyboard/CPU/Battery and the laptop sceen so it is more cumbersome to carry it around than a tablet.

    So what is better Windows 8 tablet or Windows 8 laptop?

    Would you rather have a Windows 8 tablet or laptop as your main computer?

    For me personally i prefer and rather have a Windows 8 tablet over a Windows 8 laptop because it is way more portable, Lightweight easy to take around than the laptop and you can do heavy tasks(depending on the CPU) like Video editing, Photoshop on it.

    And i also think some people seem to forget there are Windows 8 tablets out there because i have seen on many topics on the internet that people are only considering a Android tablet or a IPAD over a Windows 8 tablet as there main computer or to replace there desktop or laptop.

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    Laptop controllable by mouse everytime. I just couldn't run some of applications using only a touch screen and even with a touchpad, my productivity would slow right down.
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    In a one or the other choice I'll take a Laptop over a tablet. I bought an ASUS K75DE. I don't mind using the touchpad but I also have a wireless trackball in its carry bag.
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    There are docking stations for tablets as well.
    I would take a tablet.
    Mine goes everywhere on trips now. laptop stays on a desk, still used, but rarely moved.

    An app I found that is really good is TouchMe Gesture Studio.
    Takes some getting used to, but is awesome on my Surface Pro.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    I have a Surface Pro 2, it is quite heavy for a tablet but its portability makes it so much better than most laptops. The touch screen is really good with Win8.1, but like mentioned in other posts not all applications play nice with the touch screen, which is a shame. And I cannot play Faster Than Light on the touch screen
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    Have an acer w700p and works nicely for most stuff but a real pain to type on the onscreen keyboard. Have to dig out the bt mouse for some programs - you can't get the touch to react to the scroll arrows :-( but for surfing and goofing around it is great. Have a netbook to take with if I am going to do any study/writing. Actually mine is way overkill, could do most of what I do on the tablet with an android rig at a lot less cost.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyTech95 View Post
    Would you rather have a Windows 8 tablet or laptop as your main computer?

    If I could only have one machine then I would settle for a powerful laptop so I had some level of portability.

    Given that possessing multiple machines is quite possible, I would choose (and have chosen) to have a powerful desktop machine (i7, 8tb total storage, 23" monitor, ...) and an 8" Win8 tablet (Dell Venue 8 Pro). Total price was around $1400 USD, not really any more expensive than an equivalently powerful laptop plus matching external storage. But YMMV.
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    If I had to choose only one of these devices, it would be a laptop without question.

    I don't really like touchscreen devices, even on touchscreen laptops I don't touch them.

    I type a lot with the unit on my lap. These clip on keyboards don't work well at all with that. I've tried numerous models and none have been as stable as a laptop.

    Laptops have more ports and less of a need for a docking station.
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    I have a Dell 17 inch laptop and an Asus B121 tablet (12.1 inch screen i5 processor), both running Windows 8.1.

    It all boils down to what I will be doing. For content creation, I cannot lie.... my Dell laptop is a much better option.
    It has an older 2gz duo core processor (pre-i5) but it has an awesome screen and the touchpad and keyboard are great to use.

    But, for on the go, where I am mainly content consuming, my tablet is much preferable. Yes, I could be okay with content creation on my tablet as long as I had a keyboard and a mouse. But, then you are not really using it as a tablet then when you add those things.
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    Dell XPS 12 was my answer. So far, it has been the best for my needs. No tablet, no ipad, no desktop either. I do have a wireless mouse and full size keyboard and a 23 inch monitor I use with my XPS when I need to be in office/desktop mode.
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Would you rather have a Windows 8 tablet or Laptop?
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