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Issue with LSI 9341-4i megaraid controller

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    Issue with LSI 9341-4i megaraid controller

    Hi, it's my 1st post here. I currently own but don't have installed (although I did try installing on friday july 18 2014) a lsi megaraid 9341-4i raid controller. When I had it installed, I disabled the intel rst and used my marvell secondary controller for my optical drive putting my two ssd's I wanted to raid on the lsi controller. I also switched all of my storage settings for windows 8 to legacy and not UEFI in windows since the controller can only be seen by the motherboard in legacy mode. After that, I configured the lsi bios to create a raid 0 on the ssd's and proceeded to install windows 8.1 64 bit. When I get to the point of a fresh install of windows and it asks me to load a driver, I do and it finds the 9341-4i and installs the driver. However, when the driver is done installing, there is no raid array to be found. I redid the raid array with full initialization and still no dice. My question is: why is windows not seeing any raid array after the driver successfully installs. I am using the most current from LSI's website windows 8.1 64 bit driver for the card too. Any thoughts?

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    Also, to diagnose, I removed the sound card just to be sure after the no raid array was happening in windows. It doesn't seem to be a windows issue but it may.
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Issue with LSI 9341-4i megaraid controller
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