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hardware problems effcting other OS on dual boot?

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    hardware problems effcting other OS on dual boot?

    You might say this happens all the time for dual booters thinking the hardware is dead but let me explain the situation. On Linux dual booted with Windows 8, my hardware crashed - on booting Windows this same problem was still active - it is as if the hardware problem ( driver problem) carried over to Windows.

    What happened was I unplugged my headphones jack and Poof, no more sound from that jack in Linux. I thought the jack had died because I hit Reboot and the problem still showed up in Windows. I was mad as hell for a while thinking that somehow Linux had killed my headphones jack - BUT it's Not dead at all.

    Only after a complete shutdown then restarting the PC, (Not a reboot) will the sound port for my headphones jack go back to working - in Linux - At first in Windows the jack was still dead! This puzzled me to no end until I found out there was a difference in the way Reboot and Shut Down handles the shutting down of the PC. It took me reinstalling my audio drivers for Windows to get them to work again. But why should this odd thing have happened? How could my Linux problem effect my Windows install?

    This is what I figured out - you guys tell me if you have heard of anything like this before.

    From here: operating systems - Difference between shutdown ( power off ) and restart ( reboot ) - Super User is where i get this idea from.

    I only rebooted between Linux and Windows at first. When a PC Reboots it waits until the very last moment to send the signal to shut down the hardware. This means if the hardware locks up in one OS, and the hardware does not completely shut down, when starting your other dual booted OS, the problem can carry over because that hardware is still locked up.

    Somehow this locked up hardware the sound card, corrupted my windows drivers on starting Windows. Thankfully reinstalling the drivers solved the problem. In Linux, i still have the audio driver problem - every time i pull out the headphones jack the sound to that port cuts out and will not re-engage unless i not reboot, but shut down the pc completely then restart - it seems like unless i do a full shut down my hardware never shuts down or re-initializes completely. I've got the folks over at Linux looking into that but i felt i had to tell the whole story so you guys can understand what happened.

    (you can read it in detail here Zorin Group Forum ? View topic - Looks like Zorin 9 has wacky audio driver issues)

    Ever hear of such a thing?

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    If it makes some changes in the BIOS, specially if it's UEFI it sure can lock things up. I had Linux change time, date and zone on me all the time. Many parts that are P&P compatible have own CMOS memory to keep settings so only full shutdown can release it.
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    That's an idea Count and it's good that you know something like this can happen with UEFI BUT ( LOL ) I do not have UEFI or secure boot enabled on this laptop at all. That's the first thing I do with Windows 8 install is disable those features that will give me problems with my Linux installs. I'm using Legacy Bios.

    I did t know about Plug & Play settings possibly being temp stored in Cmos.. good to know.. Thanks.. this too could have contributed to the problem I suppose.
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    Most modern major Linux distros can do UEFI and even secure boot.

    In any case I encountered a similar problem a few months ago with an NIC card, if I put the wrong NICE driver in windows then Linux had no net connection, wouldn't load right NIC driver. But If I put correct driver in windows again Linux worked fine.
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hardware problems effcting other OS on dual boot?
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