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Computer HDD Error on Gateway Laptop.

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    I have an idea. What if I boot from the drive (Sister's drive) and restore that to factory default and install drivers (I have them on a USB stick) and go from there? Could that work?

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    How will you restore since the restore partition is on the old drive currently in your computer?

    I'd say stay with using Macrium to clone the old to your sisters drive, then remove your and install heres. System should boot right up with no problems.
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    Can you please re-word the top sentance?
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    The drive that is currently in your computer, the one that has SMART problems, is the drive that would have the restore partition, if there is one.

    If you install the drive from your sister, it will not have that restore partition so there would be no way to do the restore to factory state.
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    No, I meant removing all my sister's Documents, Files, Account etc. and using the Blue restore thingy-majigy and leaving the Base OS then install drivers and get my account. Is it possible? Sorry if i caused confusion.
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    I don't know what a "Blue restore thingy-majigy" is, sorry. Can you explain.

    I'm pretty sure without the original drive, no restore/recovery is going to work.
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    You know, System Tools, that thing with the restore/refresh function you boot from? and I'm pretty much suggesting abandoning the drive and booting my sister's drive then doing what I said.
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    I know I'm being dense here but I don't have a clue what you mean, unless you are talking about a Windows Install DVD and doing a fresh (Clean) install. If you have one that is a good way to go.

    Other than that I just don't understand what you are describing.
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    Okay, thanks. The only options that will work for you are FOUR and SEVEN which require a Windows 8/8.1 installation DVD. None of the others will work as they depend on information stored on the hard drive which you will have replaced with the one from your sister.

    Do you have a Windows 8/8.1 installation DVD? If not then your only option is to clone your old drive to the new one from your sister.
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Computer HDD Error on Gateway Laptop.
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