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RAIDR Express PCIE SSD doesn't work on Sabertooth Z97 Mk1

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    RAIDR Express PCIE SSD doesn't work on Sabertooth Z97 Mk1

    I am trying to install Windows 8.1 on my Asus RAIDR Express PCIe SSD which is mounted on an Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mark 1 MoBo with an Asus GeForce GT630 graphics card, but Windows does not recognise the SSD.

    Both the SSD and the GPU are on the Qualified Vendors List published by Asus for this motherboard, so it should not be a problem.

    When I am trying to install Windows and get to the point where I should choose the drive on which to install Windows, the SSD is not shown.

    Has anyone successfully used this setup and can give me some pointers on what I should do?

    I have tried changing :-
    1. 'Boot from PCIe/PCI expansion devices' from [Legacy OpROM first] to [Both, UEFI first];
    2. 'Boot from storage devices' from [Legacy OpROM first] to [Both, UEFI first];
    3. 'Launch CSM' from [Enabled] to [Disabled] with 'Secure Boot' staying as [Windows UEFI Mode];
    4. 'Intel Rapid Storage Technology' from [On] to [Off], which changes SATA Mode Selection from [AHCI] to [RAID].

    None of these ideas worked. There is an updated version of the BIOS and one of the results of this update is 'Enhance compatibility with some PCIE device', but I have no idea whether this will help to solve my problem, and I am reluctant to flash the BIOS on the off chance.


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    Hi Welcome to W8F,

    You might need to try updating the BIOS first and find out if it will resolve your issue. Keep us posted.
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    At the moment I am waiting to see if Asus technical support can suggest anything which does not involve updating the BIOS as I destroyed a MoBo a few years ago when updating a BIOS, but I think that I will probably have to try this in a day or two.

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    I am happy to report that John from Asus made a suggestion which worked.

    My setup is :-
    Asus RAIDR Express PCIe SSD;
    Asus GT630-SL-2GD3-L GPU;
    Asus SABERTOOTH Z97 MARK 1 Motherboard, BIOS version 0602.

    The trick is to remove the GPU, connect the monitor to either the HDMI or DisplayPort port, boot the computer and Windows can then be installed.

    Then re-install the GPU and connect the monitor to the GPU and reboot the computer and Windows is happy, and so was I. At least I did not need to try updating the BIOS.

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RAIDR Express PCIE SSD doesn't work on Sabertooth Z97 Mk1
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