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Problem with Internet Explorer when Setting Up IP Camera

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    Problem with Internet Explorer when Setting Up IP Camera

    The IP camera I'm using UCam247 1080P uses ActiveX so IE is my only option. If I use Chrome/FF the manual record controls disappear, so I'd really like to get this working with IE again. 7 days ago the camera was working OK using (an auto assigned IP on set-up), but then having used it for 2 months the IP suddenly changed automatically and the camera dropped connection. The IP now is

    The problem seems to be related to me having changed the default password. It seems as though IE is remembering the new password and when the camera changed the IP, the password seems to have defaulted to the standard password. But IE now won't let me change this password, nor access the camera. At least this appears to be the issue.

    Fast forward to now, the IP now assigned is which is fine. But when I try to access this in IE, I get this message:

    "Access Error: Unauthorized

    when trying to obtain /en/player/activex_hd.asp
    Access to this document requires a User ID"

    I've tried everything I can think of to get IE working. Updates to latest V11, added IP to Compatibility View Settings, enabled all ActiveX controls, reset the browsing and password history, unchecked auto complete for passwords.

    It's odd that this password box below is not popping up, so I can change the password. Image taken from another PC.

    Click image for larger version

    Any ideas what the issue could be and what to try next?

    Thanks a lot
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    local login

    Hi Juice,
    it might just be the way you login,
    standard or local, try the opposite of your current to see if that helps.

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    Sorry to be a bit dumb Roy, can you elaborate on "standard or local"?

    Currently I just bang the IP in IE, and I get this page below, but when I click "Enter" or "Setting" it gives the error:

    Click image for larger version

    Error Message:

    Access Error: Unauthorized

    when trying to obtain /en/player/activex_hd.asp
    Access to this document requires a User ID

    Thanks for your help.
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    Had to reinstall Windows to fix. Nothing else worked.
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    I subsequently found an much easier fix for this. IE > Options > Advanced > Reset
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Problem with Internet Explorer when Setting Up IP Camera
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