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Im having an issue trying to hook my vivotab smart to my samsung 50 inch plasma tv via the micro HDMI. I have 2 cables tried both and for a brief second I got both to duplicate the display and it said samsung as the display #2. When I connect the cable I hear the sound to identify and it shows a display 2, but it says generic and when I select it and choose that display or duplicate the display it just resizes the tablet display and asks to revert or keep changes. I am not new to hooking up via hdmi vga etc to external monitors. I tried windows +P, tired settings, tried installing the driver again etc.............. to no avail.

I then gave up and tried to hook it up on my AOC LED 37" tv and it connected right away and duplicated the displays on its own and I was able to change to display 2 only etc.

Ive have prob 10 different laptops, desktops and tablets hooked up to my Samsung 50 inch over the last 5+ years and never once had a problem as a duplicated display, the samsung only or as an extended display.

anyone have any ideas why the asus vivotab smart will not work on my Samsung tv?
Welcome back,ty for your help, but i have no clue on this subject. As for this thread is marked solved i would open a new thread, see if someone knows.