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Right click in touch screen mode doesnt work in certain apps/locations

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    Right click in touch screen mode doesnt work in certain apps/locations

    I noticed that in some cases the "right click" feature on a touch screen (press and hold) doesnt do anything.

    Metro IE - quite a few sites do nothing if you press and hold on an image, link or the webpage background. Right click with a mouse works fine.
    "Desktop" IE - Some sites have the same issue as Metro IE. Right click with a mouse works fine.

    Weather App - Press+ Hold does not work but right click w/ mouse does.

    Any known 'fix' for this issue? That is the main issue I have right now with Win8 in general.

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    Hey jtkazo,
    I just tried this out on my tablet. Both in metro and the weather app, a right click with mouse brings up the options bar at the bottom or at the top and bottom of the screen.

    With touch, both of these options bars are activated by swiping from the top down, like opening tabs in IE10 Metro.

    They seem to have deactivated the long hold to right click in favor of the top down swipe.

    It's not a fix in terms of using the long hold for right click, but it does get you the options bar in with touch. If you cant get the options bar by swiping top down, try reclibrating your screen. A poorly calibrated screen frequently stops all of the edge swipes from working on my machine.
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    I can confirm the observation of jtzako concerning Metro-IE. I wrote a book about CP - and my editor came back to me and told me, that the description about right click in Metro-IE won't work. We have had a closer look at that issue and found out, that the effect will be caused by some web sites (not reproduceable). I guess, it's still a bug and hope it will be fixed in RC.

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Right click in touch screen mode doesnt work in certain apps/locations
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