I put my new PC in sleep mode and after a few minutes, I came back and started it up again. For some reason, the lock screen with the clock and the internet status had nothing but the screen's background so I was being my curious self and I wondered why it was not there so I pressed the back button thinking it would go back to the lock screen. Then, it was stuck on Please Wait and after a few seconds, the screen turned black and there was no hard drive activity. I knew the computer was still on so I forced it off by holding the power button and turned it back on. It felt like it took longer for it to turn on but that may have been because it was not able to go through the whole fast startup process of saving the system drivers in hiberfil. I have ran chkdsk and CrystalDiskInfo and everything was fine. I will try restarting and see if the boot time is normal and post any updates. Should I worry about this as I only got this computer yesterday. I am thinking it was just a coincidence but I want to ask the experts here on EightForums. After all, I am new to Windows 8.

Edit: Yep, I think it was the fast startup that was not used after the forced shut down. I just shut it down and turned it back on. Now I think I should have waited until doing ALL tests I know to post this.