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intel drivers and shutdown errors.

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    intel drivers and shutdown errors.

    Hi all I am trying to troubleshoot a shutdown error on a brand new PC.
    I have previously built all my own AMD machines, last one being a 1090T.
    Any way I bought a new Pc:
    Asus B85m motherboard
    I5 4570
    2 X 8 gig DDR3
    1 X 2gb Sata 3 HDD
    MSI 660 GTX
    Cooler Master 500 watt it has 42 amps on 12v rail.

    It came with Windows 8.1 pro and all drivers pre installed (nothing else, no bloat)
    It worked fine for 2 days and I couldn't believe how fast it started up as it has no SSD.
    On day three it started up a bit slower, same speed as a full restart, event view said the previous shutdown was not expected, the time of this event was when I booted it? Not the time of the previous shutdown.
    It then did this each time I turned off the PC.
    I tried everything I removed all the Intel drivers, no change.
    Flashed to latest BIOS, no change.
    Overnight memtest pass.
    All drivers were the latest.

    So I reinstalled Windows and only used Device manager to install missing '?' drivers from MOBO disk.
    This worked fine. But system was noticeably slower.
    I added Realtek audio driver.
    Nvidia latest driver
    Intel management components.
    Intel rapid storage technology.

    System was fast again and shutdown and restarted fine.

    Then it did it again, slow start up, slight hang on log in and a "previous shut down was not expected" message time was the same time I booted.
    I have turned off fastboot in power settings which seems to have stopped this.
    Any idea what is wrong?
    The mother board beeps once at start up, and nowhere in the manual does it tell you if it is meant to?
    It is AMI EFI Bios and there single beep can mean RAM refresh error (that's why I ran memtest)

    Pc is great when it's running but I am tearing my hair out trying to fins what is causing this and why I can't use Fast Boot anymore?
    I bought a PC because I didn't want issues like this!

    Thanks in advance.


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    Couldn't remove the rapid storage driver, just the ui!
    Re installed windows with just the chip set drivers. Which is how it is going to remain.
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    Sigh! Windows has updated the driver, and once again every time I start the PC I get a previous shut was not expected message, event viewer has red crosses everywhere, it shut down normally, starts up quickly but something is triggering this message again, the PC seems solid working great but there is clearly a shut-down issue, or rather Windows reports there is when there is not.
    Things I have tried.
    sfc /scannow =fine
    latest BIOS= fine
    latest drivers from ASUS and Intel no difference.
    fastboot is enabled?

    Any ideas before I E Bay the thing and buy another AMD?
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    Forever West
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    Since you have the disc for the motherboard I'd go into Windows Update and Hide the driver update. I've run into several occasions where the drivers provided by Microsoft have not been exactly correct for the installed device as implemented by the vendor of the device, notably video cards.
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    I already did! + a system restore, I can't even see what updated it, it was last night and it says defintion update for Defender, Zune Music and Intel 8 series C220 family chipset and ahci drivers sucessfully update.
    Then a new 'previous shutdown was not expected message.
    I have rolled everything back and no difference, perhaps I should re install windows every Sunday!
    Is it worth turning off fast boot?
    system restarts (fully) without error, I figured this was Intel rapid storage controller error, but it's not even installed anymore?
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    Forever West
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    Intel 8 series C220 family chipset and ahci drivers
    That is probably what is causing the issue. I'd try disconnecting from the Internet, putting the motherboard disc in the drive, go to Device Manager and uninstall the mentioned devices/drivers then reinstall from the disc. Then I'd reboot and see if that works. After that I'd connect to the Router/Modem, go to Windows Update [in Control Panel] and in the list look at the suggested drivers and put a checkmark in the box for anything Intel and right-click and Hide, shouldn't suggest updating.
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    I tried pretty much everything, suppliers have agreed to refund me. Might build my own when the next version of Windows is released I'm so tired of constantly troubleshooting Windows I doubt it TBH.
    Sticking with XP lappy and my AC for the foreseeable future, thanks for your help.
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    Forever West
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    You're welcome. I have a few older Notebooks with WinXP that can't run newer versions of Windows but do just fine with Linux Mint 17 and one with Linux Mint 13, work a lot like WinXP.
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    I had a quick look for hardware problems and all I can see that may be an issue is everything in BIOS and windows is set for efi fast boot but the machine had a 660 gtx with non efi BIOS?
    I wonder if that is the problem. I can see it is probably the cause of the many people i found googling how have the black screen issue but I wonder if this would cause hybrid shutdown issues?
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intel drivers and shutdown errors.
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