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Need help getting files from Windows 7 hard drive

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    Need help getting files from Windows 7 hard drive

    I'm taking this issue I've been having from Sven Forums to Eight Forums, as my new machine is Windows 8 and I'm dealing with a previous hard drive that used Windows 7. I don't know if this thread will make any difference, but we'll give it a shot.

    Here is the basic backstory:
    On May 13th, the DVD drive in my old computer made a popping sound. Needing to be repaired but also upgraded, I took it to Geek Squad the next day. The day after, the 15th (my birthday) I called and they called me that the repair/replacing revealed that the computer wasn't turning on correctly, and it might be going. I got it back with a refund, and tried it myself, and it would always not load Windows and restart after several minutes, in both normal and repair modes. I needed a new computer, but I wanted to get my files from my old hard drive back, so I bought an Dynex enclosure at the same time that I got the new machine. This week, I got both (well the enclosure arrived a couple days earlier) and while the new machine is great so far, I've been having problems with my old hard drive inside the enclosure. When I tried this on a laptop (it uses Win7), it was really slow when you clicked on it from My Computer. When I tried again on the new machine, same thing but I got a message stating the "parameter was inaccessible". A member from Seven Forums tried to help me, preferring to use Partition Wizard via booting from a disc. However, the boot failed, asking me to select something to boot from. Tried that from my laptop, and it just didn't boot from the disc at all. That is the story thus far, and if there is anything missing that I forgot to mention, etc., the link is at the bottom:
    Desktop not working: I need my hard drive back! - Windows 7 Help Forums

    Because the member didn't have Windows 7, I figured that because my new machine is Windows 8, regardless of my old hard drive being Windows 7, I would come here and ask for help from Windows 8 experts. As I said in the first post from the Seven Forums thread, this issue has caused headaches and heartaches, and it is true. I really need my files from the old hard drive. This files are documents, images, videos; sure, some I could get back, but the others, the others are things personal to me that I will never get back again. I still have hope, though a fade away feels like it's approaching. Please, I need someone out there who can help me.

    If questions are needed concerning my new desktop, the old hard drive and enclosure, ask but here is the information of what they are:
    The desktop is a iBUYPOWER Phantom 410
    CPU: Intel Core i5 (4th Generation)
    8GB Memory
    500GB Hard Drive
    type of hard drive is SATA III
    Windows 8 (though scanned it as 8.1)

    The old computer was a Gateway SX2802-07
    CPU: Intel Pentium E5300
    4GB Memory
    500+GB Hard drive
    type of hard drive was SATA (I think, onlien specs say so)
    Windows 7 Home Premium

    The enclosure is a Dynex Serial ATA Hard Drive Enclosure
    Compatibility is for most 3.5" Serial ATA hard drives; PC and Mac

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    Nothing to do which OS you are using to get files from old HDD if HDD is defective. You could try using a program like this:http://www.***********/datarecoveryw...y-software.htm to recower files that are not damaged from the old drive.
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    The address you posted blocked the website
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    Quote Originally Posted by BinkerNate View Post
    The address you posted blocked the website
    This site is for some reason blocking it from going straight to Easus site. Just go to the site from the browser.
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    I dl-ed that, and the member from the other forum suggested installing Minitool Partition Wizard and running with that. With two options, I will use both and see one works.

    As for Easus, after installing it, when should I connect the enclosure: before I start it, or after?
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    For Easus, any time before starting the program.
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Need help getting files from Windows 7 hard drive
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