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New cpu cooler fan randomly stops spinning, PC problems

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    New cpu cooler fan randomly stops spinning, PC problems

    I installed my new Hyper 212 EVO cpu cooler yesterday. It was fine, 40C idle etc. 53C load.

    Then I started getting crashes in the middle of playing games. Basically, my PC seems to stay on.. the GPU fan is still spinning. But as soon as my monitor screen turns black, my cpu fan stops spinning and the light from my top exhaust case fan stops, so I assume the case fans stop too. I recall seeing my back exhaust fan not spinning as well..

    When turning on my PC, sometimes the cpu fan will still not work. I have to unplug the fan and plug it back in to fix this issue.

    Windows 8 gave me a notification that told me that my drive had issues that needed to be repaired, so I went to cmd and ran chkdsk to see what's up and it told me I had corrupt 182 attributes along with an incorrect volume bitmap and a snapshot error. Defraggler tells me my drive health is GOOD, though.

    After running a chkdsk /scan on boot up and all, my Windows 8 did not load after the loading screen. Just a black screen, numlock blinking, mouse cursor flashing. I tried doing a system restore, it tells me my anti virus might not be allowing it to function correctly. I tried diagnosing the problem with a recovery usb stick, it tells me it can't fix the issue.

    I can get into safe mode, but the problem with it randomly not spinning still persists.

    My computer was perfectly fine with the stock fan previously.. I'm worried that my motherboard is fried in some way. I'm going to try and reinstall the stock heatsink/fan but wow that's going to take a long time.

    Now my rear exhaust fan AND my cpu fan just won't spin at all..

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    Hmm, sound like you might have shorted out a few things on your MB installing that big boy. At the same time your hard drive is crashing.
    Fan Speeds are controlled by your MB BIOS or any 2nd party software you might have installed. Check all your connections
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    Hello there,just to rule somethings out,Download Hard Disk Sentinel and HD Tune website,they both come as trial versions and cross-examine your disks health.While you are at it,unplugg the new fan,run it like that (you will get a +10 on temps,you 'll survive)and see if issue persists.
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    I hate to tell you guys this but

    I Didn't have my 12V rail plugged in all the way..

    I'm embarrassed.

    Now I'm installing WINdows 7 to a new partition since windows 8 is corrupt as helll and wont boot.

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    Happened at least once,to all of us,I suppose!
    No backup?That is a quite an embarrasment,good luck,mark as solved...
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New cpu cooler fan randomly stops spinning, PC problems
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