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Metro photo viewer keeps popping up while using touchpad

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    Metro photo viewer keeps popping up while using touchpad

    While using my laptop (Zenbook UX301LA running Windows 8.1 with Classic Start Menu, seemingly at random while using the computer, the Windows Photo Viewer (a metro app) pops up - this is intensely annoying, as it grabs focus and is full screen. So I press the windows key to get rid of the photo viewer - but of course, it keeps happening again.

    The only pattern I have noticed in when it happens is that it seems to happen only when I'm doing something using the touchpad (it may be specific to the left side of the touchpad, not sure yet). Sometimes it happens constantly - several times within a few minutes, other times it doesn't happen for days or weeks. At times I've thought it only happened if i'd run photo viewer since last reboot, but I'm pretty sure now that it can happen without that (the seemingly random nature of this makes finding patterns very hard). I've never been able to intentionally
    trigger it.

    What the hell horrible misfeature am I triggering? Does anyone know how to disable it? I'm at my wits end - I've had no luck searching for more information, because none of the keywords that relate to my problem reduce the number search hits by much - I don't know a distinctive word that describes this problem

    Disabling metro entirely is not an acceptable solution - I just want whatever it is that launches or switches to metro apps while I'm minding my own business using the touchpad to stop happening.


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    Sounds like Tapping is turned on.
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    Hi, uh, thanks for the reply.

    What is "tapping"? My google search suggests only that that refers to taps on the trackpad being treated as clicks. I have it set up to treat taps as clicks - I use that feature, and that's not the problem I'm having here.

    The usual palm-click where you hit a touchpad while typing will click what is under the cursor - that is not what's happening. I do not know of any place on my screen where clicking would cause windows photo viewer to open.

    If that's not what you mean by tapping, what do you mean?

    Anyone else got any thoughts here?
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    When it opens, is there a picture being shown, or just the app is open, no picture?

    Also, I seem to remember seeing some computers where taps in certain parts of the touchpad can be programmed to open an app. Look in control panel for mouse or touchpad settings, and go through all the tabs and options to look for that.
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Metro photo viewer keeps popping up while using touchpad
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