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Touch screen keyboard click loudness suddenly dimished

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    Touch screen keyboard click loudness suddenly dimished

    The touch screen keyboard click sound suddenly reduced loudness. This is happening on my DVP 11 running win 8.1

    Used to be much louder, then this afterneed it just went soft on me. Is there a setting somewhere to restore the keyboard click loudness?


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    Is the computer on mute?
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    No its not on mute. I can clearly hear system sounds.
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    Hello sportflyer,

    This may be able to turn the touch keyboard click sounds back on.

    Touch Keyboard Click Sound - Turn On or Off in Windows 8
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    It's already turned on via option 2 . The sound is there but much much softer than normal .

    Can this be due to updates installed before this happened?

    BTW the same thing is happening on my main Touch screen computer .
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    Must have. The click sound from the Touch Keyboard is not real loud for me either. Even with the volume level turned up to 100%.
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    Strange . Used to be loud until 2 days ago. Now I am not sure how to fix.

    New input: Apparently Microsoft reduced keyboard click sound with win8.1 update KB2919355 as response to people complaining KB click too loud.

    See this link: Touch Keyboard Sound low after update - Microsoft Community

    I believe they have gone too far and now it's too soft in noisy environments like on an airplane. They should have given us an option like low/medium/high.
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    Hi there

    I hope all of you who want the wretched click ON aren't working in a typical office -- these sorts of sounds and various pings from phones . outlook etc when zillions of messages are received / excessively loud mobile ring tones etc can make a modern office avery horrible and noisy experience -- why is it now in a busy office people's total resect / consideration for their neigbours goes totally out of the window.

    These sorts of places I'm sure has productivity drop by about 85% compared with quieter environments. Fortunately we have small intimate groups and plenty of meeting / communal areas rather than the hideous big open plan system favoured by a lot of big businesses.

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    1.Run: mmsys.cpl (Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound)
    2.Playback tab: double-click on Speakers (or your default playback device)
    3.Enhancements tab: check "Loudness Equalization"
    4.Click OK, OK
    This might fix the loudness problem for some of you.
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Touch screen keyboard click loudness suddenly dimished
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