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Graphics turns off after sleep

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    Graphics turns off after sleep

    Hi all. Older Acer tower/monitor running 8.1.1.

    Oftentimes when I'm finished with my PC I'll turn the monitor off, the speakers off, and fold my arc mouse to let the system do maintenance. I have it set to sleep after an hour. I'll hit a key to wake it and turn everything back on. The lock screen appears then turns black. I then turn the monitor off and back on again. Sometimes the process repeats, however, it always stays on upon the 3rd try.

    I thought I had the problem resolved by turning off by turning off the picture slide show on the lock screen. That worked for a few “out-of-sleeps” but then failed again. I have no virus according to Defender, which updates and scans daily. I did a few DISM/Scannow-s, (Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth) but those failed as seen by the snip below.

    I have WDDM1.1 driver. Could it be corrupt? If so, how would I go about repairing it? I’ve scoured the MS site to no avail so to download then point to it. I searched my 8 DVD install media to no avail likewise. Not sure even if that would work being it will have the same name?

    Any ideas?

    Click image for larger version

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    Isn't there something to set in video card's control ? Did you check with Intel for updated drivers, the ones you have are M$ provided ones, probably very basic.
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    Thanks, Count, but it's onboard graphics and that is the only and latest driver. It's generic. Intel stopped service on this chipset. The problem I knew I'd eventually run into is the age of this thing. I've been him-hawing around about getting a graphics card for it to dual monitor. Maybe it's time to start heading in that direction.

    The big concern is why DISM isn't working....

    Thanks for posting.
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    Yeah, get a video card, any video card would be better than that. I don't think you are some big gamer so an AMD R240 would be ideal and very inexpensive. Doesn't need extra power at all and is thrifty enough in it's power requirements. Just watch out for some stuff and which manufacturer you get it from. Some can't display on 2 analog monitors and you might need a low profile one, depending on your computer case.
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    Thanks, Count. I think I will scrap this thread to start one on looking for a card. I'll research your suggestion for sure.

    My desire is to keep the present and old monitor that has a HD15 Cable (Standard VGA) hookup plus a new touch screen monitor with an HDMI hookup. It may be weird to some, but I sit close enough to my monitor for arm's reach even if I'm kicked back in my chair with legs extended. I worked construction as a career so no problem with arm extension even for long periods of time.

    Mostly a keyboarder (with a pull-out keyboard drawer) and disliking the mouse, I think I can reach (no pun intended) the ultimate goal of touch UI that 8.x offers. Nothing will be quicker.

    So therefore the card needs to have dual type hookups and be able to get drivers for present OS and future OSs. As you know, drivers are the big battle. I’d rather pay extra for a newer released card that will be serviced longer than an older card that will not be.
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    Oh, most have dual (ore more) connectors, it's just that some newer ones can't handle 2 analog displays at once but one has to be DVI. I have 2 analog (VGA D15) monitors and its the only reason I'm sticking with this GPU of mine for now. Saving for a touch monitor too.
    Here, this one has both connectors Graphics Cards - R7250-1GD5 and a HDMI, that gives you a good range of monitors to connect too.
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Graphics turns off after sleep
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