Hello, I am a game developer and i would like to use an xbox controller to design in windows 8. However, the drivers for my usb dongle are not working out. they installed properly, and i can clearly see it in the control panel. the 'x' button blinks showing power, but the charging light is not on?!?! i removed the AA's and it still lights up without the cable illuminating!

NOTE: I am NOT using the wireless dongle.

some information relating to this HERE.

As for how i feel about 8.
i really enjoy the new interface capabilities, as long as there are some small changes made; I guess that's the only reason we have it this soon though. for example, some apps should be able to be moved to the desktop at will. others, such as xbox partner, not so much. basically, applications that have always run in fll screen should be left in the metro area, and other should be free to play with. i think i heard that the metro view and be loaded to a flash drive and taken elsewhere? that would make this a lot easier to think about.