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Windows doesn't boot after uninstalling video driver

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    Windows 8

    Windows doesn't boot after uninstalling video driver

    Win 8.1
    8gb ram
    Intel HD 4000

    Just a desktop without a video card.
    In order to play World of Warplanes, they recommended a rollback to a previous version of the driver. I unistalled the video driver, downloaded the old one and restarted the computer.

    Now the monitor (or monitors, as I tried with an Acer and a Samsung one) both pop up a "Input not supported" right after the Windows Logo even if a try to boot in Safe Mode (so, no, I can't enter Advanced Recovery Mode). The same after I try to boot from a USB.

    The same error I got when I installed Win8.1, a month ago, but after the "Input not supported" remained for 15 minutes or so it restarted a couple of times, and after 40 de minutes the installation begun. Now I'm waiting for 2 hours and nothing.

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    windows 8.1

    It looks that somehow the new driver changed the resolution or frequency and your monitor can't manage this.
    Most Acer monitors only can work to max. 60 hz.

    Try this.

    Power down PC (you will have to do a cold/hard shut down by pressing the power button as you cannot see your desktop due to this message).

    Disconnect the monitor from the computer

    Disconnect the power cable from the monitor

    Press and hold the power button(of the monitor) for 30 seconds

    Reconnect the cable (power and VGA)

    Turn on the computer and repeatedly tap the F8 key.
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    Windows 8

    Actually, not.

    The Samsung monitor shows me the resolution is 1280x720, 60Hz so it surely isn't from the monitor, whether I'm connecting the Acer or Samsung one. And there isn't a new driver, as I could't manage to install it. Just... no driver. The basic one.

    I tried something else and it worked, God knows how. I was trying to force a sudden shutdown in order to boot up with the repair tools. Because pressing the power button when the Windows was loading wasn't enough, I tried an even colder/harder shutdown: pluged out the extension cable from the drain. Afterwards it booted in normal mode.
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    windows 8.1

    Glad you worked it out.
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Windows doesn't boot after uninstalling video driver
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