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I DID IT! I Installed 8.1! Have 1 question though

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    I DID IT! I Installed 8.1! Have 1 question though

    I'm on the HP page for Windows 8.1 re drivers for 8.1. There is a list of 11 installations to be installed. At the top of list it states "pick a category" (or something along those lines). Probably a dumb question, but I'm assuming I will be installing all of the 11 installations and not just one, correct. I lied, have another question, how to I know if update 1 for 8.1 has been installed?


    BTW you won't believe what I had to go through to do this upgrade. I'll post unless it's against the rules.

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    Hi Juliet,
    easy to check for 8.1.1,
    2 ways
    1) if your running start style version (ie toolbar along the bottom) the store symbol will be there ,green box
    2) if your running metro style open an app and move your cursor to top right X symbol will be there.

    As for your HP drivers, if its any thing like my asus it should a live update option running, on the desktop this icon will be on the righthand side of the toolbar, and it will advise you of critical or recommended updates, just mouse over it.

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    Thanks, Roy.......I'm off to check for 8.1.1.
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I DID IT! I Installed 8.1! Have 1 question though
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