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Problems with Printer installation and Sound Card

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    Windows 8 Consumer preview Evaluation Copy Build 8250

    Problems with Printer installation and Sound Card

    I just downloaded and installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview Evaluation Copy Build 8250.

    I had no problems during installation and everything was OK.

    Like many other Windows 7 users I just have to get used to the missing start-button

    I know that the Consumer Preview is no final version of Windows 8 - but so far I have 2 problems that I would like to solve in order to test this version:

    1) I have a Creative X-Fi Music Sound Card. After a bit of trouble I made the sound Card work, but each time after shutdown or restart of my PC there is no sound. The procedure to make it Work Again is then to go to the "Device manager" and un-install the sound Card and then let Windows 8 look for Hardware changes. That will re-install the sound-Card and I have sound Again until NeXT restart! I can live with this problem, as I know this is a test version but it would be nice if I did not have to reinstall the driver for the Sound Card after each restart. (PS: I have tried to run the driver in Win7-compatibility mode but that does not change anything). If I try to update the driver via the device manager the system just says "you already have the newest driver".

    2) I have a HP Officejet 6500a printer. I have tried almost everything to make it work. I have tried using the Win7 driver in compatibility mode - I have tried installing the printer "manually" with "add devices" and I have tried the feature "run programs made for previous versions of Windows". Nothing works. Windows does not even recognize when I connect the USB cable to the printer. Trying to manually install printers I dont even get the possibility to select a printer to install like in previous versions of Windows???
    By the way: When trying to use the Win7-driver (even in compatibility mode) it just says "the operating system of this Computer is not supported"

    I hope you have some inputs for me on the above 2 problems. I can live with the Sound Card problem, but not being able to print is a big problem for me and could be the reason for me to go back to running Windows 7.

    Thanx in advance for your comments and help!

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    Yep you had the same problem I did with creative, you have a driver from windows update fowling up the works. This was my scenario:

    I installed 8 everything was great then my audio driver kept giving out and when trying to install a specific driver was informed a (better one existed already). When I would reinstall the card it would immediately associate the windows update driver. Annoying right?

    You need to
    one: swear just slightly about the current status quo
    two: uninstall the card
    twopointfive: delete the .inf driver file that came from windows update. You can locate that from the driver properties tab.
    three: Have your creative installer at the ready downloaded to the desktop.

    If you wiped the old windows driver disconnect the machine from the internet. You don't want it going back to windows update and mucking things up to square 1.

    Install the card, reboot and navigate to the desktop and wait for the (OMG I can't connect to the internet to download the incorrect driver dialog to pop up). immediately install the Creative driver in compatibility mode. Then reboot.

    As far as the printer goes it sounds like you covered all the bases in order to get it functioning.

    But I didn't see one thing. did you try to extract the files from the downloaded setup program?
    Download winrar and install.
    Right click the setup program you downloaded and you should now have an extract option. Extract the thing and you will now have a drivers folder visible that you can point windows to or if you knew exactly which file windows 7 was using you could try installing that specific file and see if it recognizes the printer then.

    Good luck
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    Windows 8

    Same problems here, not surprisingly with a very similar setup...

    Creative X-Fi, sound pops and crackles, cuts out, etc. Every time I reboot I have to "update driver" and let it reinstall the driver. Whenever I start games the sound cuts out completely. The steps you outline above are needlessly complex... I should have known not to bother with a Creative sound card, it's coming out and going in the trash.

    HP laserjet 1018 in my case on the printer... Drivers install fully, reports NO errors on device manager or when printing test page. Except, the test page simply goes into a black hole as does anything else sent to print.

    The printer worked in Developer Preview, so I'm a bit surprised it doesn't work in Consumer Preview.
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    I read with great interest the topic of installing printers on Windows 8 consumer preview. I really can not explain why though sometimes list immediately after installing driver for HP P1005 but after a while can not do that.

    I used to uninstall the driver before reinstall it but now no longer ends uninstall unless I stop the spooler service
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Problems with Printer installation and Sound Card
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