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No full power options? New to wīndows. 8.1

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    No full power options? New to wīndows. 8.1

    Hello all. Have been using a mac for the last god knows how many years. Decided to get windows because 8.1 looks fun. I'm trying to make the battery life better as its the one thing that's off putting. I saw online you can change power options but when I went to them I was missing options such as lower CPU processing percentage, etc.

    Pic is attached. If you could help I would be very thankful. So far going windows isn't so painful yet.

    Ps: its a Toshiba Encore full windows tablet of that helps.
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    You're seeing this because your tablet supports a new power state called Connected Standby. The short version of what that means is simply that Windows 8 tablets, particularly those with Intel Atom CPUs, are designed to operate in an always-on state similar to smartphones. When the tablet is asleep, it maintains a low-power network connection so that apps can continue to get over-the-air updates. This new power state replaces traditional S1, S2, and S3 power states that have allowed for sleep and hibernate in the past.

    Connected Standby also changes how Windows can handle different power options, which is why you see far few options in the advanced settings dialog than you would see on a normal laptop or desktop. Your tablet's processor and OS are designed to maximize battery life, so you should get 5-7 hours out of a full charge depending on how you are using the device (lots of video streaming will kill the battery quickly, for instance).
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    Ahh. That explains it then. I have tweaked it to get 14 hours battery life and was just aiming to see if I could push a bit more but I guess its at its limit now. Thanks for that explanation. Look forward to seeing what the battery life is like with non stop video playback.
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No full power options? New to wīndows. 8.1
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